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‘Fragrant’ Spice Fights the Root of ALL Disease?

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of diseases or ailments that can derail your health and well-being…

Especially as you age!

From heart disease, to type-2 diabetes, to arthritis – they all come with a laundry list of different side effects.

But they all have one thing in common…

INFLAMMATION – the root of ALL disease!

But fighting disease-causing inflammation doesn’t mean you need to be relegated to a lifetime of prescription drugs just to ‘get by.’… Read More

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BOOST Your Brain with This ‘Forgotten’ Vitamin

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, General Health by INH Research

We all want to stay mentally sharp – no matter what stage of life you’re in.

But despite our best efforts, we all start to ‘forget’ things – especially as we get older.

Maybe it’s forgetting where you put your car keys… or the day and time of an important appointment.

For millions of Americans, occasional ‘senior moments’ can sometimes lead to life-shattering diseases like dementia.… Read More

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The SIMPLEST Movement Helps You Live Longer?

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

It’s something you learned how to do when you were a toddler…

And it may be the key to helping you live longer!

Folks, I’m talking about the simple act of WALKING.

Sure, it may not be as hip or cool as running, going to a spin class, or even lifting weights…

But this time-tested, simple movement is one of the best ways to help extend your life and keep you healthy.… Read More

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[Men] Beware of This ED Treatment

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Guys, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), you already know that talking to someone about a ‘solution’ is sometimes more embarrassing than living with the problem!

Sure, those ads you see on TV make it seem like prescription-grade ‘fixes’ are the best way to go.

The problem is, they are riddled with side effects… and filling a prescription is downright demoralizing!… Read More

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Going Under the Knife? Consider This ‘Underground’ Pain Reliever

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Surgery of any kind – major or minor – is no cake walk.

If you’ve ever gone under the knife, you know first-hand that you’re in some kind of PAIN the days – and even weeks – after leaving the operating table.

And once your surgery is over, chances are you’re handed a prescription for a high-powered painkiller to help you cope with your pain.… Read More

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Simple Breakfast ‘Plan’ Lowers Risk of Diabetes? (Study)

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Remember years ago, when your mom said…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Well, she may have been right all along!

Especially when it comes to stopping DIABETES.

And while the “dos” and “don’ts” of eating and high blood sugar can often times feel downright complicated…

A new study has found that a simple, consistent breakfast ‘plan’ could be a powerful weapon at lowering your risk of developing diabetes.… Read More