The ‘Healthy Drink’ That’s DESTROYING Your Health

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It’s no secret that soda is nothing but sugar in a can.

Heck, one quick look at a regular-octane soda’s nutrition label is enough to give you a sugar rush!

But that hasn’t stopped the slick, mainstream ad men from promoting diet soda as a ‘healthy’ and ‘guilt-free’ alternative to sugar-laden beverages.

Thanks to years of clever advertising, you’ve probably been DOOPED into believing that these drinks are actually good for you.

And who could blame you?! They often taste just as good as the ‘real thing’ … and claim they’re GREAT for your health.

Well, folks. I’m back today to give you the TRUTH about these so-called ‘healthy drinks’…

Because research has proven that diet soda (and artificial sweeteners) are TERRIBLE for you…

And some healthy (and tasty) alternatives you should be drinking instead.

The UNSAFE Sugar Substitute

Millions of Americans consume a boatload of food and drinks (like diet soda) that contain artificial sweeteners each and every day.

But according to an international study published in the journal PLOS Medicine, these same artificial sweeteners are actually SABOTAGING your long-term health.

In fact, the study found that folks who consumed large quantities of aspartame and acesulfame-K – two common artificial sweeteners – had an increased risk of CANCER compared to those who limited their intake of these sweeteners.

So much for that ‘healthy’ alternative to sugar, right?!

Sticking to whole, natural foods like meats, vegetables, and fruits – and avoiding processed, packaged foods – is your best bet to avoid artificial sweeteners.

And it doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your taste buds in the process.

Take diet soda for example…

If you’re looking for a healthier (and refreshing) alternative, my go-to ‘fizzy’ drink is sparkling water with a wedge of fresh fruit.

Sparkling water has all the “fizz” of soda, but with none of the sugar or artificial chemicals. And adding a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime gives it the right amount of sweetness.