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Toxic Metal Lurking in Your JUICE?!

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Tell me you wouldn’t be a little concerned if you saw THIS headline…

Draft Guidance for Industry: Action Levels for Lead in Juice

Seems outrageous, but that’s exactly what a recent announcement from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration said.

In a nutshell, the FDA is openly issuing “guidance” to the food and beverage industry on how to LIMIT the amount of lead in juices.… Read More

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Eat These 2 Nutrients to Lower Dementia Risk? (Study)

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Misplacing keys, forgetting names, struggling with words…

You know the signs. They’re the red flags that signal dementia should be on your radar.

And chances are, you know someone who has struggled with this life-altering disease. Or you’re dealing with the symptoms yourself.

While there’s currently no cure for dementia, there are ways you can help PREVENT it.

And now research has revealed that maintaining optimal levels of two, specific nutrients could very well be the secret to FENDING off dementia down the road.… Read More

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[Guys] Are Small ‘Pee Problems’ DEADLY?

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Guys, do you find yourself constantly waking up at night to pee?

Getting more of those sudden urges to ‘go’ … and barely making it to the toilet?

Or, even worse… becoming a victim to those demoralizing ‘leaks?’

If these ‘pee problems’ sound familiar… there’s nothing to be ashamed of (it happens to a lot of older guys) …

But they are something you should take seriously… as a new study has found that even the smallest issues with your bladder could take years off your life!… Read More

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Detect a Brain Disease… On Your Phone?!

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are ravaging the lives and independence of seniors across the country.

In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 6 million Americans over the age of 65 have Alzheimer’s… and that number could TRIPLE by the year 2060!

And the news around Parkinson’s isn’t much better … as researchers believe the number of Parkinson’s cases will hit nearly 1.2 million by the year 2030.… Read More

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Deadly Bacteria Lurking in Your Produce?

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

The produce aisle is by far the healthiest section of your grocery store.

It’s teeming with fruits and vegetables that are natural, contain no processed sugars, and are good for your overall health.

But, according to a new study, stocking your fridge with produce could hold a potential danger…

Here everything you need to know — and the simple steps you can take to stay safe.… Read More

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Simple ‘Trio’ SLASHES Cancer Risk 60%!

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…

Good things come in threes.

This old adage is certainly synonymous with bringing good luck… but according to a new, international health study, it could also help reduce your risk of CANCER – to the tune of nearly 60%!

It may seem impossible, but it’s simple – and true!

Stop Cancer with Vitamin D, Omega-3s, and Exercise

The new research study out of Switzerland found that a simple ‘trio’ of vitamin D, omega-3 fish oils, and exercise significantly reduces your risk of cancer.… Read More