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Seniors Without Heart Disease Shouldn’t Take Statins, Study Finds

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Big Pharma pushes statins like candy at Halloween. And the older you get, the more likely it is your doctor will try to get you to take one of these cholesterol medications.

Nearly half of American seniors take a statin. Now, a new study has found that they do more harm than good in most people over 65.1

The data show that, if anything, the drugs increase the risk of death from a heart attack.… Read More

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Babies Shouldn’t Drink Juice…and Neither Should You

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Fruit juice is marketed as a healthy drink. Parents let babies spend their days with sippy cups full of apple juice. Juice boxes are big sellers. And adults think they are doing themselves a favor by drinking it instead of soda.

That’s why the new diet guidelines from the prestigious American Academy of Pediatrics came as a surprise to many. It recommends kids stay away from fruit juice.… Read More

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Never Do This to Your Ears

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Almost half of people over 65 have some degree of hearing loss.1

And now, scientists have found a surprising reason why so many seniors are going deaf. Yes, the ear-splitting rock concerts from years ago have taken their toll… But there’s another culprit.

Experts at the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery Foundation say that the one thing people do most often to maintain their ear health actually can damage their hearing.… Read More

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This Herb Eases Menopause Symptoms, Study Finds

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Hot flashes… Mood swings… Night sweats… Difficulty sleeping… Most women going through menopause suffer at least some of these frustrating symptoms.

For some women, the problems are severe enough to be debilitating. Doctors often recommend hormone replacement therapy (HRT). But conventional HRT is linked to heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer.1

“Bioidentical” hormones are another option. They are chemically identical to the hormones women make in their bodies.… Read More

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Harvard Study Reveals Diet Secret That Stops Cancer From Coming Back

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Harvard researchers have uncovered a simple diet secret that stops cancer from coming back.

Eating at least two ounces of tree nuts a week makes it far less likely that advanced colon cancer will come back after it is treated, according to a new study.

Scientists followed 826 patients with stage 3 colon cancer. Stage 3 means the cancer has spread beyond the original site in the colon.… Read More