Leave Aging in the Dust

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Can we really run away from the effects of aging? The answer is yes. And it’s not too late to start today.

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a McMaster University specialist in the aging process, has published a study to prove it.

As we explained on Tuesday, the study indicates that the elixir of youth is not in a bottle… it’s on the treadmill.… Read More

Live Stronger and Do More with This Anti-Aging Cocktail

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We have some exciting news on the anti-aging front. It comes from Dr. David Rollo. He earned an M.D. at Cambridge University and a PhD from Princeton University. He’s written a dozen peer-reviewed journals on anti-aging and published four best-selling books on the subject. He currently leads research at McMaster University in Canada.

He’s just published a study in the current issue of the journal Experimental Biology and Medicine.… Read More

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Balance Your Hormones for Youthful Vitality

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When we’re young, our skin has its own natural elasticity. And yet somewhere between our 30s and 50s all that changes. Smooth faces gain crow’s feet and worry lines. Taut muscles give way to sagging skin. And we lose our shine as we age. It’s one of the most visible signs of getting older.

Conventional wisdom tells us that’s just the way it is.… Read More