Balance Your Hormones for Youthful Vitality

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When we’re young, our skin has its own natural elasticity. And yet somewhere between our 30s and 50s all that changes. Smooth faces gain crow’s feet and worry lines. Taut muscles give way to sagging skin. And we lose our shine as we age. It’s one of the most visible signs of getting older.

Conventional wisdom tells us that’s just the way it is. But that can’t be true because there are people who are over 60 yet have absolutely wrinkle-free skin.

So why do most of us age while only a few remain youthful looking? The answer can be found in our hormones. When we’re young, and our hormones are firing together… in the proper sequence… we’re enjoying all the benefits of youth. And that includes tight, unwrinkled skin. But as we age, our hormones go out of alignment… and that leads to wrinkling.

Scientists believe that’s because of our sirtuins. Sirtuins send signals to our cells which combat the effects of aging. They slow the process of cell death and give us more time to repair DNA damage. All of this happens on the hormonal level. If you know how to trigger the hormonal chain that releases sirtuins… you can enjoy the firm, tight skin of youth.

Every aspect of aging is governed by our hormones. In youth, our bodies build more muscle and store less fat. And yet, as our hormones change, that switches… and we end up storing more fat and building less muscle.

The same thing happens in every area of our health. Your libido wanes… energy drops… and body fat increases. All of that leaves you open to infection, disease, and illness.

That’s because as you age, your hormones lose their balance. But there are ways to re-align that balance, and slow – or reverse – the aging process. If you know how to rebalance your hormones, you can regain the energy, libido, and good health of youth.

Aging Is a Biological Equation

Hormones are the key to wellness. If they’re not in balance, your health suffers… and chances are you won’t even know why.

If your hormones are in balance, you:

  • build muscle instead of fat
  • have a strong immune system
  • sleep easily
  • have clarity of thought
  • are energized for work and play
  • have a healthy libido

But once you hit 30, your hormones decline. They go out of balance. Diet, illness, and environmental factors also unbalance your hormones.

As your hormones decline or get out of balance you can expect:

  • mood swings
  • low energy
  • cravings for sugar or salt
  • mild depression and restless sleep
  • lack of interest in sex
  • weight gain
  • changes in skin tone

But you don’t have to just accept these changes. If you learn how to manage your hormones you can turn back the clock.

Your hormones control every function in your body. They tell your cells what to do.

They tell your heart how fast to beat. They control your breathing. They tell you how hungry you are. And they tell you when you’re tired.

Stressed about Hormones

Your hormones govern your stress level. When you’re threatened, they release cortisol and adrenaline. And that happens if you’re being chased by a bear… or yelled at by your boss.

And as that happens… glucose is released into your blood stream to provide emergency energy.

This could save your life if you’re running from a bear… But if your boss yells at you every day, that hormonal cycle damages your blood pressure and glucose levels. Constant stress elevates cortisol, messes up your metabolic system, and signals your cells to store fat.

Hormones Make You Hungry

The hormone ghrelin tells you you’re hungry. When working right, it’s triggered by an empty stomach. As you eat, your gut releases cholecystokinin (CCK). This hormone suppresses appetite. And when that happens, your pancreas sends out insulin to control the rise of glucose in the blood.

When you’ve eaten enough, fat cells release leptin. This hormone tells your brain to send the signal to put your fork down. And this is why balanced hormones are critical to weight control. If your leptin levels become unbalanced they stop sending the “stop eating” signal. So you’re always hungry. You eat more. And pile on the pounds.

High levels of insulin also block leptin signals… so your brain thinks you’re hungry. Before you know it, you’re packing on pounds… which damages overall health.

Powering Up with Hormones

Your thyroid produces chemicals which regulate your metabolism. It’s your body’s way of turning calories into energy. These hormones boost sugar burning and oxygen intake. And that increases body temperature and heart rate.

When your hormones are in balance, your thyroid pumps out plenty of energy. But when they are deficient, you’ll feel tired and will gain weight easily. If they’re overactive, your heart rate increases, you’ll feel anxious, and may experience swelling behind your eyes.

And why do these hormones go out of balance? Because they’re sensitive to environmental factors in our diet, the air we breathe, and the products we use.

Balancing Your Sex Drive

The media loves to focus on this class of hormones. They include testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Both men and women have all three – just in different amounts.

Testosterone builds strong bones and muscles. It also promotes lean body mass, enhances sexual desire, and protects blood vessels.

Estrogen plays a major role in female reproduction and gives men a healthy sperm count. It also protects a woman’s bones and heart before menopause. As a side effect, it keeps skin radiant and regulates our moods.

Progesterone is produced in the brains of both sexes and may offer hope as a treatment for traumatic brain injury.

Steps to Balance Your Hormones

A healthy hormone system is the key to good health and longevity. Once they’re out of balance, you gain weight… age faster… and become open to infection and disease. But balancing your hormones keeps you young and vital.

There are simple, easy steps that can balance your hormones:

  • Eating foods that support energy and weight hormones
  • Managing stress hormones with exercise and relaxation
  • Cleaning up your environment
  • Avoiding chemically-laden food to control sex hormones
  • Treating  yourself to a good night’s sleep every single night

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