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Can we really run away from the effects of aging? The answer is yes. And it’s not too late to start today.

Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, a McMaster University specialist in the aging process, has published a study to prove it.

As we explained on Tuesday, the study indicates that the elixir of youth is not in a bottle… it’s on the treadmill.

“Many people believe that the benefits of exercise will be found in a pill,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky. “But we have clearly shown that there is no substitute for the ‘real thing’ when it comes to protection from aging.”

Working with mice that were bred to age in a way that is biologically similar to humans, Dr. Tarnopolsky’s team focused on the mitochondria – the mini “power plants” found in the cytoplasm of every cell.

The purpose of the mitochondria is to convert the energy you get from food into a form the cells can use. Among other things, that energy is used by the body to repair tissue and organs when they break down. And as you can guess… that makes the mitochondria critical to the aging process.

The Heart of the Study

But as we age, the mitochondrial DNA mutates.

This leads to a steady decline in tissue and organ function. And as that happens, we start to see the physical signs of aging – grey hair, balding, a reduction in energy and muscle mass. We also become less fertile. Just like the sedentary mice in Dr. Tarnopolsky’s study.

But the researchers found that exercise somehow restored the mitochondrial DNA. In some cases, it actually strengthened it. That’s why the aging process appeared to be reversed in the active mice.

They regained vigor. Their health was comparable to the health of young mice.

“What this really shows,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky, “is that exercise doesn’t just affect your heart and muscle. It has a potent systemic effect. What’s coming out of your muscle is having an effect on all organs in your body.”

Gateway to Youth

“Exercise is the only way to stay healthy and free of disease longer,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky.

As an article in Harvard Men’s Health Watch puts it: “Research shows that many of the changes attributed to aging are actually caused in large part by disuse.”

You don’t have to be a marathon runner or Olympic athlete. Any exercise is better than no exercise. And it’s never too late to start.

“This study clearly shows that we can get closer to the fountain of youth if we start when we’re young and do moderate exercise our whole life,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky. But he adds, “We know that exercise has benefits even when humans start over the age of 65.”

That’s good news for everyone. If you start late… you can gradually reverse damage on a cellular level. If you start young… you can enjoy a lifetime of benefits.

When Dr. Tarnopolsky shared his findings with his students at McMaster University, even the most skeptical were impressed by the way exercise re-invigorated the sex drive of even the oldest active mouse.

“They all exercise now!” says Dr. Tarnopolsky with a smile.

And you should too. You can begin reversing the damage right now. If you haven’t exercised in a long time (or ever!), begin by walking for five minutes a day at a gentle pace. Then build from there.

Remember, age is only a number. Your true age is how old you feel.

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