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Breaking news about aging: Researchers are convinced they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. They believe one simple lifestyle change can alter the way you age.

Their brand new findings suggest that the change doesn’t just slow the aging process… it makes you stronger for longer. It also increases your sex drive. Plus, the findings show you can reverse the aging process.

The study comes from Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky. He’s a professor at McMaster University School of Medicine in Hamilton, Ontario. He also holds a PhD in cell biology and metabolism. He published over 30 peer-reviewed papers in 2008 alone. Much of his research focuses on muscle adaptations to stress, exercise, and mitochondrial dysfunction. His research program continues to focus on the effects of aging.

Now, his new study shows that exercise prevents premature aging. It’s published in the latest edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The findings have been welcomed by the medical community. In fact, his team was given a standing ovation when they presented their findings at a medical conference.

“Running” the Study

The study was three years in the making. Dr. Tarnopolsky and his team studied a group of mice – ones similar in biology to humans. Just like aging people, these mice undergo hair and hearing loss, cataracts, and enlarged hearts. They also suffer brain loss and their muscles shrink with age.

The researchers began each experiment when the mice were three months old. That’s about 20 in human years. Each experiment ended when the mice were eight months old – late 60s in human years.

The researchers split the mice into equal groups. One group of mice was left to live a sedentary life. The other group was forced to run on treadmills for 45 minutes, three times a week.

The final results were startling. The sedentary mice showed all the normal signs of aging. Their fur went grey. They started to go bald. Muscles atrophied and bones calcified. And eventually, they all died.

“We could see mice with grey fur and osteoporosis hunched up in the cage,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky.

The Young Guns

The treadmill mice remained young. Their fur was shiny. Muscles remained firm and strong. They continued to be healthy and active. They also remained sexually productive and energetic.

“The littermate controls were running around bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky. “They had beautiful fur and showing every part of the body being protected. I think that says wow! This is good for me. Not just my muscles, but everything.”

The American College of Sports Medicine agrees. According to an independent study, “There is much evidence that a moderate amount of exercise is needed for the maintenance of functional integrity of the cardiovascular system, muscles, bones, and ligaments.”

But there’s something even more startling in Dr. Tarnopolsky’s results…

The exercise didn’t just slow aging. It actually reversed it.

“The brain was atrophic in the non-runners,” says Dr. Tarnopolsky. “But it was back to normal size in the runners.”

How can you reverse aging? We’ll tell you on Friday. We’ll also tell you about a key component in your DNA that exercise triggers.

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