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7 Strange Heart Disease Symptoms

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You probably know that the classic signs of heart disease…  

They are chest pain and shortness of breath when you exert yourself.  

Other common symptoms include pain, numbness, or weakness in your legs, arms, upper abdomen, back, or neck.i 

But there are other, lesser-known signs of cardiac problems that you might never associate with heart disease. It’s important to be aware of them because heart disease remains America’s number one killer. Read More

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Artificial Sweeteners Damage Blood Vessels

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By now, most health-conscious people know that zero-calorie artificial sweeteners are useless for weight loss. In fact, they actually make you gain weight. 

But researchers also have found that they are dangerous to your health in another way that may surprise you… 

They damage your blood vessels.i 

A study from Marquette University is the most in-depth look ever at the biochemical changes caused by artificial sweeteners.Read More

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Blood Pressure Drug Linked to Pancreatic Cancer in Women

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There is no shortage of drugs to treat high blood pressure. 

No fewer than 14 different classes of medications have been approved for hypertension. And within those classes are more than 110 drugs.i 

So why would any doctor advise you to take one that not only works poorly, but also raises your risk for the deadliest type of cancer? 

Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States.Read More

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New, Non-Drug Alternative for Lowering Blood Pressure

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Raenard Gonzalez was taking five different pills a day to treat his high blood pressure.  

The medications didn’t work very well. His blood pressure readings were often still high. Even worse, the pills made him feel terrible.  

“The drugs left me feeling completely exhausted all the time,” said the 49-year-old airport worker.i 

So, when he heard about a new, minimally invasive procedure to lower blood pressure, he was interested.Read More

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The Deadly Mistake Heart Patients Make

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After recovering from a heart attack, many people want to take it easy.  

Understandably, they are afraid to exert themselves for fear they could have another heart attack. 

So they rest. 

And if they do work out, they go easy. 

A major study shows that this is not only the wrong strategy, it could be a deadly one. 

Swedish researchers analyzed the link between physical activity and death rates after a heart attack. Read More

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Eating Eggs Every Day Does This to Your Heart

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For decades, mainstream doctors warned that eggs were just about the worst food for your heart. 

The American Heart Association issued guidelines saying that eating eggs causes cholesterol levels to rise. This would lead to clogged arteries and heart attacks, they said. 

A few years ago, researchers started questioning this conventional “wisdom.” 

Two major studies were launched to take a close look at how eggs affect your heart.Read More