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Put Menopause on Hold by Eating This 

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The hot flashes…  

The mood swings…  

The insomnia…  

Menopause can be miserable. 

But it turns out there is a way to delay the “change of life” for years. And you can do it naturally, without hormone treatments or drugs, a major study finds.  

Researchers at the University of Leeds compiled data on 14,000 women. They were part of a multi-decade ongoing national health study in England.Read More

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The 16-8 Diet: Easy and Effective 

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The perfect weight-loss diet does four things… 

  1. It is easy to follow.
  2. It doesn’t make you give up foods you love.
  3. It doesn’t cause you to suffer from hunger. 
  4. And, of course, it helps you lose weight. 

Researchers have found that one eating plan may be all these things and more. 

Is This the Perfect Way to Lose Weight? 

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago gathered 23 obese volunteers.Read More

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The Natural Solution to an Embarrassing Health Problem

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The physical and mental benefits of yoga are well documented. It can help you increase your strength and flexibility, lower your risk of heart disease, and ease anxiety and depression.i ii 

A study shows it also fights perhaps the single most embarrassing health condition in women. 

Urinary incontinence strikes 20 million American women. It can be a devastating problem. Women may have to wear adult diapers to avoid leakage.Read More

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The Natural Way Women Can Reignite Bedroom Passion

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Big Pharma’s attempt to super-charge women’s love lives is a big fail.

The drug filbanserin, a little pink pill for women, hit the market in 2015 with great fanfare. It was supposed to be “Viagra for women.”

But women refused to buy into the hype… And rightfully so.

“Women are just smarter than the drug company thought,” said Beth A. Prairie, a midlife-gynecology specialist at West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield, Pa.… Read More

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One Vitamin Helps Seniors Retain Muscle

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Starting at age 30, most people begin to lose strength and muscle mass. Between 30 and 50, the average person suffers a 10% loss of muscle.[i]

After that, muscle loss accelerates. Between 50 and 60, muscle loss averages 10-20%. After age 60, it speeds up even more. This is true for both men and women.

The amount of muscle loss over a lifetime varies greatly from one person to another.… Read More

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This Weird ‘Pee Problem’ Affects Men, Too?

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Editor’s Note: We’re taking on one of the most common—and frustrating—health issues men face as they get older… Getting up to pee at night, or nocturia. Friday, you discovered two common reasons you go so much. Today, we’re going deeper into one you may not know much about…

It has a reputation for being a female problem. But urinary tract infections (UTIs) can affect men, too.… Read More