The Natural Way Women Can Reignite Bedroom Passion

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Big Pharma’s attempt to super-charge women’s love lives is a big fail.

The drug filbanserin, a little pink pill for women, hit the market in 2015 with great fanfare. It was supposed to be “Viagra for women.”

But women refused to buy into the hype… And rightfully so.

“Women are just smarter than the drug company thought,” said Beth A. Prairie, a midlife-gynecology specialist at West Penn Hospital in Bloomfield, Pa. She notes filbanserin is “very expensive and not very effective.”[1]

After the FDA approved the medication, the pill’s manufacturer, Sprout Pharmaceuticals, dreamed of exploiting a projected $2 billion market. They estimated five to nine million American women nationwide would be interested in taking it.

They were absolutely wrong.

Only 1,000 filbanserin prescriptions were filled in its first two months on the market. By comparison, Viagra sold more than 500,000 prescriptions in its first month.

Since then, filbanserin sales have continued to fizzle.

Women are intelligent enough to see that it doesn’t work very well. And it has worrisome side effects.

When mixed with alcohol, filbanserin can lead to dangerously low blood pressure and fainting. Other side effects are nausea and drowsiness.[2]

Not very conducive to good sex!

Filbanserin works differently than Viagra. Men take Viagra just before sex. It eliminates the physical problem of getting and keeping an erection.

Filbanserin doesn’t treat a physical problem. Instead, it targets chemicals in the female brain that are supposed to increase desire.[3]

Women must take the pill daily for it to be effective.

In 2019, the FDA approved a second female libido drug. It’s called bremelanotide. It’s been a flop, too.[4]

One reason may be that it requires women to inject themselves with the medication 45 minutes before sex. Again, not very romantic.

The fact is, women don’t need Big Pharma for a better love life.

7 Natural Sex Boosters for Women

Researchers have uncovered foods that can make things hotter in the bedroom naturally… And without dangerous side effects:

1.) Dark chocolate. Always a Valentine’s Day favorite, dark chocolate contains flavonoids that reduce stress and relax blood vessels. This allows better blood flow to the desired regions.

Dark chocolate also contains a compound called phenylethylamine. It has been shown to release the same endorphins triggered by sex. It also increases feelings of attraction, according to a study in the Journal of the American Diabetic Association.[5]

2.) Green Tea. It’s rich in catechins.These compounds increase sexual response by promoting blood flow. They also cause blood vessels to release nitric oxide. It’s a natural sex-boosting chemical.[6]

3.) Spinach. Its magnesium content increases blood flow to the extremities. This can increase arousal. It may also make having an orgasm easier.

4.) Pesto. Pine nuts are one of the key ingredients in pesto sauce. They are packed with zinc. Researchers have found that women with higher levels of zinc report stronger sex drives. Oysters are another food with lots of zinc.

5.) Salmon. Oily cold-water fish like wild salmon, sardines, and tuna are overflowing with omega-3 fatty acids. These cause a spike in dopamine levels. This in turn improves circulation and blood flow… And this triggers arousal.

Dopamine also initiates positive feelings in your brain. It can help make you more receptive to your partner.[7]

6.) Guava. This fruit packs more vitamin C than just about any other food. Studies show it can increase libido in women. Add frozen guava to smoothies and desserts.

7.) Beef. Lack of iron is one of the most common deficiencies in women. This can result in low sex drive and fatigue. Red meat can restore this much needed mineral. Opt for organic, grass-fed varieties.

Don’t fall for Big Pharma’s female libido drug con. These natural solutions are safe and effective ways for women to take control of their sex lives on Valentine’s Day… Or any day.

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