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Drink Coffee for Healthier Skin

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By now you’ve heard about the wide-ranging health benefits of coffee drinking.  

The energy-boosting beverage is linked to lower risk of dementia, hearing loss, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and liver disease.  

Now, you can add another condition to the list… 

Coffee Benefits Are More than Skin Deep 

Nearly a quarter of us suffer from an ugly and disturbing skin condition as we get older.Read More

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Drink This to Burn 29% More Fat

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Getting rid of fat is high on just about everybody’s fitness wish list. But it’s not easy.

Body fat can be stubbornly resistant to even the strictest diets and most strenuous workouts.

But now, a new study shows that there may be an easy way to unlock the fat-burning power of exercise. Researchers at the University of Granada in Spain discovered that you can burn up to 29% more fat during your workout if you drink a cup of coffee a half-hour before exercising.… Read More

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The Healthiest Kind of Coffee

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For years, doctors warned that coffee was bad for your heart.

They didn’t have much evidence to support this advice other than the fact that caffeine slightly raises your blood pressure.

But recent studies show that effect is only temporary. And it’s harmless in just about everybody.

Nutritional researchers have come to view coffee as a true superfood. Studies show it helps with weight loss, prevents diabetes, reduces artery calcification that leads to heart attacks, lowers Alzheimer’s risk, and improves cognition and mood.… Read More

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Do This in the Morning to Control Blood Sugar

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If you are diabetic or prediabetic, you should know about two new studies that point to simple, nondrug methods to control your blood sugar.

The first looked at the effects of hot baths. Researchers in Japan divided 1,297 diabetics into three groups.[1]

One group took less than one bath a week. The second group took between one and four baths a week.… Read More