4 Cups of Coffee a Day Does Something Great for Your Body

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Weight loss is the number-one health goal for many of us. But the fact is, getting thinner is a mixed blessing. 

When you lose weight, you lose body fat, which is good. But you also lose muscle, which is bad. 

New research from Harvard University shows there’s a way you can get rid of fat without sacrificing muscle. And you can do it without dieting or exercising more.

The study was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Researchers looked at 126 overweight people.[1]

Half the subjects drank four cups of coffee a day. The other half drank a non-coffee beverage. After 24 weeks, the coffee group lost 4% of their body fat.

Dr. Derrick Johnston Alperet was an author of the study. “We were indeed surprised by the observed weight loss that was specifically due to fat mass loss among coffee drinkers,” he said. Coffee causes your metabolism to speed up, Dr. Alperet said. This allows you to burn more calories and lose fat without exercising more.

Dr. Alperet acknowledges that four cups of coffee is a considerable dose of caffeine. But he says it’s perfectly safe for almost everybody.

The Healthiest Type of Coffee

If you’re looking to lose fat, follow the study and drink four cups of coffee a day.

Skip sugar and artificial sweeteners. Instead, use a natural sugar substitute such as stevia or monk fruit extract in liquid or crystal form. Also avoid artificial creamers…Use full-fat milk or cream.

If you’re going to drink that much coffee, you might as well go for the healthiest kind. A recent study looked at the effects of different types of coffee on a cellular level.[2]

Scientists tested light, medium, city (sometimes called “continental” or “light French roast”), and French (dark) roast. For comparison, regular Folgers and most other major store brands are medium-roast coffees.

A coffee solution of each type of roast was introduced to mice cells. Then scientists observed its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Light roast coffee had the most benefit, beating out medium roast by a few percentage points. City roast was about 10% less beneficial. And French roast dropped a substantial 25%.

But whether light or dark, choose organic coffee whenever you can.

You’ll enjoy your coffee more, knowing it’s helping you lose weight and protecting your health.

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