Drinking coffee comes with major health benefits that can help extend your life. Now new research reveals drinking it may also help fight against breast cancer.

Is Coffee the New Chemo?

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Health Watch readers know the benefits that come with drinking coffee. It can help boost your circulation…preserve your hearing…even protect your vision. But those are just perks when you look at the anti-cancer properties of coffee. A recent study found it may help ward off breast cancer.

Researchers in Sweden looked at almost 1,100 breast cancer survivors. About half of these women were taking tamoxifen to prevent their cancer from coming back. Among these women, researchers found drinking two cups of coffee cut the risk of breast cancer recurrence in half.1 That’s a big deal by itself… But when you consider tamoxifen’s reputation, the results look even better.

Taking tamoxifen comes with serious side effects. They can include bone loss and stroke…not to mention secondary cancers. It’d be bad enough if it were just dangerous. But a 2003 study showed taking tamoxifen for the “optimal” five years lowered the incidence of breast cancer by just 1.4%.2 Research also shows that some breast cancers become immune to tamoxifen… And when this happens, cancer cells can use the drug to stimulate their growth.3

In other words, it’s a drug you—and the ones you love—should avoid. It’s dangerous—even deadly…and it’s barely more effective than a placebo. Tamoxifen wasn’t responsible for the anti-cancer effects seen in this new study. And this isn’t the first research showing coffee’s role in fighting breast cancer.

Another Swedish study found drinking five or more cups of coffee a day made women 57% less likely to develop certain breast cancers after menopause.4 A German researcher found the same amount reduced risk by 33%.5 Five cups is a lot. But studies show just two cups of coffee a day can help delay the onset of breast cancer in women…even help prevent it in the first place.6

Researchers believe this is because of two main compounds: caffeine and caffeic acid.

After seeing the effects of coffee on breast cancer recurrence in this latest study, researchers took a closer look at these particular compounds. They found both helped reduce cell division—and increase cell death—in breast cancer cells.7 But coffee isn’t the only place you’ll find them…

You can also get these compounds from drinking organic teas. Your best bet is to mix them up a little. Green tea is a great source of cancer-fighting antioxidants. But white tea may have even more. Add some black tea for a potent dose of natural caffeine. You can find these at your local health food store. But they’re not the only cancer-fighters putting tamoxifen to shame…

In a study posted in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a natural and inexpensive compound beat tamoxifen by almost 50%. One way it works is by cutting off the energy supply to cancer cells. But as dangerous as it is to cancer, it’s safe for you. That means you can take it daily to fight cancer, assist in remission, or to prevent cancer from occurring—without the fear of side effects.

We’ve put together all the details on this natural treatment, how it works…and why your doctor still pushes tamoxifen—while this cheaper, safer, and more powerful natural remedy hides in plain sight.

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