One Natural Remedy Cuts Estrogen and Fights Prostate Cancer

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Is it possible to fight prostate cancer by lowering estrogen levels?

Dr. Mark Rubin says it is. As we explained on Tuesday, he’s a professor at Harvard. And he’s spent the last decade linking elevated estrogen to prostate cancer.

His recent breakthrough shows that blocking estrogen is a powerful way to combat prostate cancer. And plenty of other doctors are putting his study to the test.

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Drinking Diet Soda Doubles Your Risk of Stroke

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Diet soda is no better for your health than the regular kind. In fact, the most recent research says it may well actually pose serious risks to your health.

For almost two decades you’ve been told that the diet option has to be the smarter option. And the American Beverage Association (ABA) tells you that diet soda is safe and healthy.

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New Therapy Cuts Cancer Risk

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Scientists may finally be able to combat prostate cancer. That’s because they’re looking at the disease in a totally new light. And testing out a radical new theory.

This new theory seems to be holding up. Studies and clinical tests show it works. And the best part is… it allows the disease to be treated with an all-natural remedy. One that’s available in every grocery store.

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"Wonder Fruit" Lowers Blood Pressure by 10 Percent

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Is it possible to protect your heart by eating one widely available fruit? Cardiologist expert Dr. Steven Bolling says it is.

As we explained in Tuesday’s message, he’s just published a study which shows that one specific fruit can lower your blood pressure. It can also decreased “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

He tested his theory on rats that have a similar biology to humans.

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How Big Pharma Sells You Dangerous Drugs

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The FDA is warning that a recently approved heart drug doubles your risk of death.

The drug in question is dronedarone. Its street name is Multaq. It was approved in July 2009 by the FDA. And doctors wrote over half a million prescriptions for it in 2010.

But it’s now clear that the drug causes severe liver injury. In some cases even acute liver failure.

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Slash Your Risk of Heart Disease

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Brand new research shows that one common fruit can lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and blood pressure.

That research comes from Dr. Steven F. Bolling. He’s a trained heart surgeon who’s internationally recognized for his expertise in heart valve abnormalities. During his career he’s published more than 217 journal articles on the topic. He currently runs the research lab for the National Institutes of Health.

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