Big Food wants you eating this at every meal. Problem is, it does nothing to improve your health. In fact, eating this food could be putting your health in danger.

Research Confirms: This is NOT a “Health Food”

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It’s one of those foods that most people think they need to eat more of. That starting your day with it is a good way to help boost your health. And you can’t blame them for thinking that.

The government’s Choose My Plate program says you should eat it every day for vitamin D3, potassium, and calcium.1 In the U.K., the Dairy Council promotes eating it as a way to help aid weight loss…even control digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.2

It sounds like something you should be going out of your way to get more of. But new research reveals this “health food” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Researchers in Spain looked at the diets of 4,445 adults over the course of three and a half years. They found people who ate this every day saw no more benefit than those who had it a few times a week. In fact, they weren’t any healthier than people who never ate this food.

The authors concluded that those who ate this product regularly, “did not display any significant improvement in their . . . physical component of quality of life.”3

Their bones weren’t stronger. They didn’t lose any more weight. And they weren’t living any longer.

When it comes to your health, it would be bad enough if eating this food was useless. But the truth is this wholesome food could be a quiet killer.

I’m talking about yogurt.

Big Food says it’s a good source of protein. And that it can help build stronger bones. Then there’s the probiotic factor… If you look at the marketing campaigns, yogurt seems like a great way to improve your digestive health. But even the “healthiest” products at your grocer can contain up to 30 grams of sugar in each tiny cup. And if you think plain yogurt is safe, think again. Dannon All Natural plain non-fat and low-fat yogurt has 12 grams of sugar in a 6 ounce serving size, for example.4

That’s a big deal. Eating too much sugar can cripple your health. And if you’re having a few servings of yogurt a day… You could be setting yourself up for Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease.

And another thing…

You shouldn’t rely on yogurt to add probiotics to your diet. There are better ways to get them. Eating fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut can give you more probiotic power per serving than the best yogurts on the market. They may take some getting used to… But their probiotic content may help balance your blood sugar and support a healthy heart. They might also help ease your allergies.

Don’t let Big Food trick you into eating their product. They sold $7.3 billion worth of yogurt last year alone. Of course they want you believing it’s a food you should be eating every day. But you can do better.

Get your probiotics from homemade fermented foods. Or find a natural supplement that gives you at least 10 billion colony forming units (CFUs) per serving.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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