Height is one of the things you just can’t change about yourself… And new research reveals it could be raising your risk of facing heart disease by as much as 50%.

How Your Heart Depends on Your Height

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Being overweight can double your heart disease risk.1 The good news is you can shed pounds to lower the odds. But researchers found another physical feature that you can’t control…that could be putting you in danger.

Your height.

Believe it or not, your risk for cardiovascular disease increases the shorter you are. Researchers discovered that for every 2.5 inches in height, you reduce your risk of heart disease by 13.5%.2 That means if you’re 5’5”, you’re 27% more at risk for heart disease than someone who is 5’10”.

Another study looked at 52 studies involving over three million participants. Researchers found the shorter group (5’3” and under) had a 50% higher risk of getting heart disease than people taller than 5’10”. And it gets worse… Their risk was just as high for dying from it. On top of that, shorter adults were even 1.35 times more at risk for all-cause mortality.3

Scientists suggest there are height genes that may come into play. One is related to LDL cholesterol. The other influences triglycerides.4 Research shows short people tend to have higher levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Together these can increase your chances of facing heart complications.

You can’t change your height. But you can reduce your risk of heart disease by changing your lifestyle.

Running for just ten minutes a day can reduce your risk of dying from heart complications by 50%.5 What you eat is just as important. Start your morning with a serving of eggs. The protein content can help reduce your blood pressure by 40%.6 And if you smoke… Stop. This bad habit alone increases your heart disease risk by 200–300%.7

And there’s another secret we’re going to share with you today…

Our researchers pinpointed one substance that can help decrease heart risk by up to 15% in just three months…and 13 specific foods that give you more of it. They’ve uncovered a powerful vitamin that can help cut your risk of heart attack by up to 33%… And they’ve tracked down a 10-minute test that can help pinpoint your risk of heart attack death—so you can take action today.

If you want to protect your heart, I urge you to learn more now.

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