Why Mercury Talks…

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You may have heard that the US Department of State (DOS) is taking action on the hazardous mercury that’s all around us. But not much action…

DOS has made its position clear on mercury at a public meeting led by Deputy Special Representative Dr. John Thompson.

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Formula Activates Natural Killer Cells in Cancer Patients

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Research now shows there could be one solution for many types of cancer. It’s a mushroom ingredient…and experts say it can activate natural killer (NK) cells in patients.

The proof comes from Hiroaki Nanba, Ph.D. He’s a professor of microbial chemistry at Kobe Pharmaceutical University in Japan.

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Sip this Drink to Reduce Depression By 20%?

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This week…we told you about a beverage that can slow weight gain. Today…we look at another drink…one that combats depression.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health recently found that the drink cuts the risk of depression for women. That comes off the tails of another study…which showed that the drink also reduces depression in men.

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