Could a drop of blood be all you need to determine your Alzheimer’s risk? New research reveals that may one day be the case… But here’s how to start protecting your brain today.

Is Your Alzheimer’s Risk in Your Blood?

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Scientists from Oxford University and King’s College London have made an important breakthrough in Alzheimer’s research.

Researchers compared thousands of blood samples from subjects between the ages of 25 and 65. They identified a set of 150 genes necessary for healthy aging and looked at how well they were functioning. Then they added up the results to determine a “healthy age gene score.”1 They found the people who scored the lowest in this study were more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease (AD)… Or already had it.2

In other words, this simple blood test may have the ability to predict your AD risk… Or help find it in its earliest stages.

Right now, the only way to know if you’re at risk is if you start showing symptoms… Like forgetfulness and confusion. But this new blood test may uncover AD risk in people who aren’t showing a single warning sign. It could help people take action before the disease takes hold of their lives.

There are just two major problems…

1 – The test still isn’t available.

2 – If your doctor sees you’re at risk, he’ll just write you a dangerous prescription. And the sooner you start taking these pills, the longer you’ll endure their side effects… Like vomiting, swelling in your hands and feet, and bruising or bleeding.3

You don’t have to wait for a test to come out to protect your cognitive health. And you don’t have to rely on a pill either…

One of the best ways to clear AD-causing plaque buildup in your brain is to get seven to eight hours of sleep at night. Getting moderate-to-vigorous physical activity every day can improve your mental flexibility and general brain health as well.4 Even light activity—like walking or gardening—helps.

Those aren’t the only simple, natural ways to combat Alzheimer’s…

The decades’ worth of research on one natural herb is impressive to say the least… And Big Pharma knows it. They’re trying to turn this extract into a drug.

And when they do, they’ll try to sell it to you for hundreds of dollars…and who knows what kind of side effects it might come with.

One researcher praises, “It is as if this natural substance were ingeniously designed to fit into the exact spot in [the brain] where it will do the most good.”

You can get the safe, natural version now, for just pennies a day.

Go here to see how to get all the details on this memory miracle in your hands today.

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