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How Loud Noises Destroy Your Heart

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Do you love rocking out to loud music? Do you ride the subway? Go to big sporting events? Operate a leaf blower or chainsaw? Or perhaps dine in noisy restaurants?

These activities all share a common—but unexpected—danger…

Researchers at the University of Kentucky found that people regularly exposed to loud noise have twice the risk for heart disease.1

For younger people, the risks are even higher.… Read More

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5 Deadly Dyes Hiding in Your Food

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Did you know the FDA used to allow 80 different artificial dyes in food?1 Most of them came with a catch… Like red No. 2. That one caused cancer in mice.2 And the orange No. 1 in Halloween candy made children sick.3 Now these—and 71 others—are banned.

That means we’re down to seven. But how safe can they be if Big Food moguls—like General Mills—are removing them from their products?… Read More

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Misunderstood Vitamin Makes Your Spine Stronger

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It’s a vitamin that protects your brain from the aftermath of strokeHelps you live longer… And prevents diabetes. Yet almost half of adults 50 and older aren’t getting enough.1 It could be a hidden cause of bone loss in the 54 million American with osteoporosis.2

Postmenopausal women with low levels are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis.… Read More

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Sleep the Toxins Away to Save Your Brain

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If there’s one thing most of us could use more of, it’s sleep. Many adults are lucky to get a full six hours of sleep each night.

And that could be doing you more harm than anyone ever realized…

A lack of sleep drastically erodes your overall health, even if you don’t “see” it happening. Not getting enough quality sleep leads to heart disease, obesity, rapid aging…and can destroy your brain.… Read More

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Candida Doesn’t Stand a Chance Against This Oil

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Most people don’t even know they have candida. Surprisingly, it infects as much as 70% of the world’s population.It’s an overgrowth of fungus in your gut. But it affects your whole body. High stress, sugar, processed foods, and antibiotics are mostly to blame.2

And it’s sneaky. Candida causes symptoms that don’t seem related… Sinus infections, blurred vision, moodiness, sugar cravings, and fatigue, just to name a few.… Read More