This little red berry may very well be the next big “super fruit.”

Is This the Next Cancer-Fighting Superfruit?

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Chances are you’ve never heard of it.

It’s a simple fruit that’s been quietly used by Native Americans for hundreds of years as food and medicine.1

But it wasn’t until recently that this strange berry caught the attention of researchers because of its nutritional benefits.

Studies show it has all the antioxidant and nutrient power of a superfood. The cancer-fighting qualities of this berry makes other fruits pale in comparison, including tomatoes.

Tomatoes have always headed the list as the best source of lycopene. This potent cancer fighter reduces your risk for prostate, lung, and stomach cancer. It’s also thought to lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, fight free radicals, and protect your DNA.2

But researchers have found that this little fruit’s lycopene content is significantly “high in comparison to tomatoes and other commercially available fruit.”3

So what is this tiny fruit with big health benefits?

You can eat buffaloberry right off the vine. It tastes slightly tart and acidic raw. But when you dry the berry it has a texture similar to a raisin. Its flavor also mellows slightly.

Its shrubs can grow just about anywhere, even in poor soil or dry environments.4 This makes it easy to grow your own if you have enough space. Who knows? They may already grow in your neighborhood.

You can purchase the buffaloberry seeds online, but it may be easier to find a nearby farmer’s market that sells them. The good news is this means they have yet to be touched by Big Agra. So if you do find them, you’ll be eating the real thing. It may only be a matter of time before we start seeing GMO buffaloberry in produce aisles at supermarkets… Just look at what Big Agra did with the açaí berry.

If you want to get in on this potential superfruit, now is the time.

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Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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  1. I live in Ecuador {Salinas] and never heard of Buffaloberry.. Wish I cld get some here..
    I”ll try to find out where might be any available..Many tks. Greetings Geza

    1. Greetings from the USA. I dont like the taste of tomatoes but eat pasta and sauce made with tomatoes. i will research this item and share my findings with everyone.

  2. Most important and useful information . Kindly inform if this fruit can be available in India?

  3. Can you get it in stores or as a supplement!

  4. Seems like good news

  5. Where do you purchase plants or seeds


  7. Very interesting indeed. I will investigate this.

  8. So how (where) is buffalo berry available–through Instituute for Natural Healing?

  9. This is good news but how will this be accessed.

  10. Please tell me how to get the seeds to grow in my garden or buy off on the line tq

  11. Please tell me how to get the seeds to grow in my garden or buy off on the line tq susan

  12. does it grow in florida

  13. They grow along draws on the western plains. They are named because buffalo and later cattle got in and under them to get cool and to scratch their backs. They almost always have one little white worm in each berry, but you didn’t worry about that. You pick them by waiting for the first frost, putting sheets under them and shaking the branches. They make the best jelly on the face of the earth.

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