The amino acid acetyl-L-carnitine relieves pain from neuropathy.

Reverse Nerve Damage With This Safe, Effective Solution

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It happens to diabetics and chemotherapy patients. It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems. Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging.

Your doctor’s name for it is neuropathy. It’s crippling, painful—and sometimes deadly—nerve damage.

The symptoms are frightening. Your skin may go numb and you can’t tell hot from cold. Or you can’t feel your feet, so it’s hard to walk without falling over. It can cause intense pain and prevent your major organs from working properly.

Doctors often prescribe antidepressants, steroids, and opioids to manage the symptoms. All of those come with their own set of harmful side effects that cause bigger problems down the road.

There is a natural way to make nerve pain go away. Researchers found that neuropathy sufferers could feel their arms and feet again after they took a certain supplement.1

This cheap, common amino acid even helps repair nerve fibers…

The natural pain-reliever is acetyl-L-carnitine. It’s called ALC for short. ALC is everywhere in your body, including your brain. You need it for energy.

Studies show ALC reduces neuron pain five times better than a placebo. 2

A study of over 1,200 people shows ALC relieves numbness and pain, and helps repair nerves.3

Your liver, kidney, and brain make all the ALC you need when you’re young and healthy. When you exercise regularly, you’re likely to have more of it. But sometimes you don’t have enough when you’re older or sick, even if you exercise a lot.

You can find this nutrient in meat, especially mutton, cod, and chicken. There’s a bit of it in asparagus. But you won’t make a lot of it from your diet so you might want to supplement ALC.

You should take ALC supplements with alpha-lipoic acid and foods that are high in vitamin C. A full B vitamin complex will also help ALC work better.

ALC is safe and well-tolerated. It treats nerve pain and reverses nerve damage after it starts. And it prevents nerve damage from happening in the first place.

Even if you’re not suffering from neuropathy, ALC will help preserve your health and prevent decaying of nerve fibers in the brain and everywhere else.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Publisher, INH Health Watch

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  1. The combination of acetyl carnitine and acetyl carnitine arginate along with R-lipoic acid (rather than alpha lipoic acid) is even better.

    1. You mean R-ALA or R-AlphaLipoicAcid, surely? R-LipoicAcid is nothing.

      1. What do you mean it’s nothing? Do you mean it doesn’t exist. Or do you mean it does nothing. Because it definitely exists. It is the natural form of Alpha Lipoic Acid. Add Benfotiamine to 600 mg of AlA and it helps with the pain. Jarrow has a nice time released ALA. I haven’t tried the R-Lipoic for pain yet.

        1. I think the poster just meant that you forgot to type the word “alpha”.

    2. … hi Ignatius, a few weeks ago I read this post and I ordered ACL from a reputable firm shipped to Sweden where (as an American ex-patriot) live. I have’t been able to locate a firm selling R-lipoic acid, or for that matter Alpha lipoic acid, possible you can help by replying to this post or via my e-mail address direct (shown below)?

      Be advised that I suffer from a degenerative neurological disease called MMN (Multi-focal Motor Neuropathy) for which I have been receiving the standard treatment IVIg, currently 400mg p/day over 3-days Mon-Tues-Wed, every 3rd week. My intent is to see “IF” its at all possible to reverse the degenerative effects of the disease and would be thrilled with a 10% reversal.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post, hoping, that you get chance to read it.

    3. I am taking both the Alhpa Lipoic Acid and L Carnitine for severe peripheral neuropathy due to auto immune issues. I have found great relief for the burning in my feet, but still have the numbness in my toes which Im hoping will eventually come right too. I have also found a big improvement in my mental state due to small blood vessel disease of the brain. My mental function is back to normal plus I have my balance back and am able to enjoy dancing again. Fantastic results and can highly recommend to others. Sure beats going on medication for epilepsy and anti depressants to open up the blood vessels.

      1. Jan,
        I have similar problems with very poor balance and swollen feet.
        May I ask what dosage you used and for how long ??

        1. Interesting! I had spinal surgery over a year ago, and suffer from peripheral neuropathy on my left side, both feet, hands and side are completely numb. Cannot even enjoy a hot bath as I cannot feel the water. They have me on 300mg 3 xs a day, of gabapentin which doesn’t take the burning pain away, or help the numbing. I have improved a bit with balance. I will definitely try ALC and lipoic acid. I am desperate to get my life back

    4. Can anyone give the ideal dose for acetyl carnitine for diabetic neuropathy?

  2. Do you have any info on the subject of foot or just circulation issues?

    Thanks for the ALS feature i need that, but also info on the above as i am beginning to see a dark discoloration in my feet.

    1. Hi I realise this is a late reply but you may still be suffering or this may help someone else reading the comments.

      One herb I think EVERYONE should take every day(if they can tolerate it – some can’t due to it being related to the deadly nightshade family) is cayenne pepper. Start with a tiny amount like a 16th of a teaspoon and build yourself up to half teaspoon to two flat teaspoons per day (you can spread these doses out) depending on where you feel is good for you.

      It works miracles for the circulation and will heat you up if often cold. There is a Dr in the US who treats his heart attack patients purely with cayenne pepper since it will stop a heart attack within 15-30 mins. He brags not to have lost a single breathing patient yet (they didn’t have to be conscious when he arrived either as he gave a tincture sublingually if not).

      There is a whole site devoted to healing powers and testionies of cayenne pepper – google it.

      It is also good for nerve pain to reduce the severity by reducing ‘substance P’ but needs to be taken daily. I won’t tout it as a ‘cure’ for neuralgia although I would certainly say it should be part of the regime to heal. Cayenne works it’s miracles in plenty of other diseases!

      Take cayenne with your other supplements for better and faster delivery.

      Oh and one last tip in regards to CP – It should ideally be sprinkled into in a liquid format and drank. I cannot stand hot spices so I took mine in capsules to begin with. However, I eventually got brave and now take mine in a little water every day and I can definitely feel that the effects are increased. It is better to take in a capsule form than none at all though so it is down to you.

      Lastly, one wonderful treatment to improve circulation is hydrotherapy. I believe that conventional drs warn diabetic people etc not to use hydrotherapy and I believe it is because desensitised feeling can result in injury through scalding. This is a complete example of the nanny state we live in and not giving any of us credit for common sense! If you have reduced feeling in a body part then use a well functioning body part to test out the temperature of the water first! By the way hydrotherapy is switching from hot and cold water. Or packs etc. Again, google it. It brings blood to the area, increasing circulation and healing.

  3. I suffer from Paresthesia, i.e. numbness on the underside of my feet around the toes which could be due to some nerve damage. Please inform me if there is a Natural Amino Acid which could give me some relief from the problem.

  4. I have L4-L5 encased in fibrogranulation 24hr a day pain can u help me?

    1. For about five years now,I have been pains right from the left side of my body(head to thigh) with concentration around my neck, shoulder and thigh. The pains at is gripping and tightening extending to the fingers with burning sensation.investigation revealed nerve compression at c4,c5 & c6 cervical vetebral.Surgery had performed to dislodge the compression but the pains still persist even at high intensity. Am on regular pain relieving drugs with little or no relief. I need your advice and how to get ALC supplements

      1. interested in the reply since I complain very much similar pain for same reason but refused to do any surgery…

        1. I had neck surgery after a fall,I had no use of hands or feet. The doctor hit my phrenic nerve and paralyzed my left diaphragm,so now I wear a “diaphragm pacer”and on oxygen at home! I’m 53yrs old and have been this way for 3yrs. PLEASE think twice before having surgery!!!

  5. the best b supplement i have ever taken has beenb complex brand New Chapter an american brand. Their technology was biotrasformed B vitamins within a food matrix. I would try their brand if you are impressed with their combinations etc for acetyl-L carnitine looking at other advice perhaps on this site from existing users.You can sign up for their e-news letter at

    1. Dr. Perlmutter, a neurologist in Naples Fl. has written 2 books Grain Brain & Brain Maker. He’s been on PBS & Dr. Oz. Google zonulin in wheat. You have to change your diet, you could be allergic to wheat & sugar are poison to the brain. The gut & the brain are connected & your problem is coming from the gut & destroying a part of the brain controlling your motor skills.
      Do you drink diet soda?? Give it up! Google aspartame

  6. Neuropathy visited me in 1995 and has been my constant companion to some degree ever since, My arteries in my legs were virtually closed as it was about time to think think about amputation of my toes. I did some research and found two amino aides that would let me keep my toes and save me from a heart attack or stroke. I first used L-Arginine along with L-Carnitine as a carrying agent, about three months later my mobility increased, the pain was still there. Dr. Louis Ignarrio won the Nobel Prize for his work on creating the process for developing nitric oxide in 1998. It opened my veins and arteries everywhere in your body, I have since added berberine to control my diabetes 2, which does better than metforman, and insulin. I have added Acy-carnitine, L-citrilline, along with tumeric. I have no heart issues and my diabetes is now in check. Low blood pressure, and no plaque in my arteries and very little in my heart.

  7. There is much that you can do. Avoid painkillers. If you send me direct by email,your symptoms and medical history, I’ll assess what to do. There will also be a long ‘Lifestyle and Symptomatic Nutritional Deficiency’ questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me for study. This all takes a while but it is worth while. For now add liberal quantities of tumeric to your food and take a mixture of pure, unprocessed honey (yes honey)and cinnamon each morning. You can add ginger too. Eat raw vegan foods that include purslane (Portulaca oleracea,leaves, flowers and stems), Flax seed and especially chia (Salvia hispanica) seed. Keep your pH balanced. Use Apple Cider Vinegar and/or freshly squeezed lemon juice ten minutes before each meal. Exercise, watch your weight (balance nutrition and activity), 20 minutes a day of cool direct sunshine. Drink lots of water. Avoid all refined sugars and sugar added foods and drinks. Be sure to avoid Aspartame and MSG as well as so called diabetic sweeteners and drinks.Use massage therapy and hydrotherapy daily. Sleep with feet out of blankets – to keep cool and weight off of them. Wear loose open shoes/sandals. Avoid acid producing foods – pork, red meat, chicken skin. Avoid stress, Learn to relax, Pray without ceasing. This is a start, try it. I wish you good health.

    1. hi…i have had ms for 8 years…my symptoms are numbness, sever stiffness and pain in legs, knees and feet…foot drop, balance issues, bladder issues, numbness in my lower back, side and torso. n very sensitive to hot and cold weather

    2. I was diagnosed with neuropathy in both feet four years ago. At the same time I was also diagnosed with adrenal insufficency. Last year my colon burst and I became septic and almost died. I have been to the Mayo Clinic five times and I still have no relief from either condition. I’ve been on steroids for four years and have terrible side effects from them. I now gave cushing syndrome. I am 49 years old and suffer everyday. I’ve tried eight different neurotins and snti deoressants and narcotics. I’ve also had a stimulator placed in my spine. Can anyone suggest what I can do?

    3. Is it possible for Des Paul – TMP-Zimbabwe to send me an email .. I’d love to speak with him/her regarding the post. Thank you and God bless!

      1. i would love to send my med.history for some help please. i to have all the symtoms as above and want to heal naturally as possible. please send me your forms to fill out. att, despaul-tmp-zimbabwe

    4. Hi! I saw your reply on a thread. If I send you info about my symptoms, can you help?

    5. I am very interested in doing your questionnaire. I am a big believer in ach please contact me at 3373841827 or email me. Thank you!

    6. I currently have been prescribed Lyrica and hesitant to start this treatment. I am searching for natural alternatives, interested in more

      Thank you, in advance



        1. Shingles is a virus. Elderberry fresh herb into tea stops the virus and olive leaf extract. The illuminati are poisoning people through the prescriptions meds and I think that’s how I got poisoned.

        2. Found C HOBBS note on LYRICA interesting and scary can you tell me any more about it or why you were put on it?
          My husband has just been put on it 3 weeks ago for burning in his feet. How can lyrica give you shingles I understood it to be a virus?

    7. I would like to know what I can do to reverse sensory nerve damage and pain.
      Please help

    8. I have peripheral neuropathy,am not diabetic,i also have foot drop and the pain from the neuropathy is so severe.please help. Des paul please send me your email address.

      1. Hi Miriam. I was wondering how your drop foot and neuropathy is doing? Did you ever end up taking any amino acid supplements with success? I’m currently experiencing the same problems and would love to know if there is anything I can do (or take) to get my life back. Hope you’re doing well. Laurie

    9. Hi, I would love a nutritional evaluation, how may I do that, please?

      Thank you,

    10. Hello I’ve just went through a pretty bad spell of constipation. Once I finally cleared out my system my intestines feel numb now. With some numbness around the body. I eat pretty healthy exercise when I can haven’t had any soda for years. What can I do to prevent it again or what direction should I take

      1. Archie,

        I don’t mean to diagnose with so little info, but you might look into dysautonomia. It’s also knows as autonomic nervous system disorder; the systems which operate automatically start undergoing neuropathy. I am treated by a neurologist for it. It took years to get a diagnosis. I hope it doesn’t reoccur, but if it does, keep looking for answers. Don’t give up.

    11. I had mini face lift in April 2014. I have pain in my ears since then. Could I have nerve damage? My doctor doesn’t know but said that the nerves may not have come back together properly. I still have some numbness, tightness under chin. I am very uncomfortable most of the time. The pressure in my ears is the worst and they sometimes feel hot inside. I am searching for relief. Do you have any suggestions?

    12. Hello Des, my name is Michael Beretti and i reside in Cape Town South Africa. I am a type two diabetic who has a problem with peripheal nueropohy.Iam hoping that you can assist me with the healing of my feet.This e-mail is to make contact and to shown the way forward. I am prepared to surply all required information for assesment purposes.I found your article rather interesting and encouraging.Hoping to hear from you soon. Cheers for now. Michael.

      1. Hi Michael, I live in Kzn-Pietermaritburg. I have a lot of damaged nerves due to a failed back surgery (which has now been corrected) but the nerves need to heal. I use daily Alpha lipoic acid 1 tab Acetyl-L-carnitine – 1 tab & magnesium-3 tabs. You can buy all 3 from any Dischem store. I also massage the affected area’s 3 times a day which includes my toes, feet and legs with Champhor oil mixed with a carrier oil, either almond or coconut oil. Do not use the Champhor oil neat. This combination is wonderful for the pain.

    13. Hi. Went on this antibiotic for my colitis then came off of it.
      Already had neck pain but after my treatment for colitis it’s been a mess
      Countless visits to Dr’s & people throwing me everywhere . I’m furious.
      I want answers . I already have health anxiety , this is ridiculous.
      My email is [email protected]. If you see this , I would love some advice & tips on how to heal.
      Currently ..I have neck pain ..that’s been off & on for about a year but it’s like someone threw some extra mess on top of it . Well, the new : shooting zaps down spine ..made my upper arms flinch. my muscles flinch a bit period ..only sometimes ..
      ..not too bothersome at all , but obviously I don’t want it all lol.
      Uh off balance .. I could turn my neck & hear that same right spot , on base of neck hurt (needle-like pain)
      I hear my bones click in neck , back, too.
      Feel woozy ..liked could sit & stand , & feel tired.
      Hmm.. Oh by the way ..I have anxiety . So naturally , I’d feel myself tense up right? Well , not lately.
      Some would say that’s great but nope ..I know it’s due to something , I will heal from this ..all of this! :))))))
      but back on topic , yeah so I can’t feel myself get tense , when I get anxious , none of it. I can produce tears , but that feeling comes & goes kinda . I don’t sweat ..I mean it’s summer

    14. Hi !! I messed up & meant to reply to your comment ! :/
      If you see this , my email is >> [email protected]
      I will be checking lol. I can explain through email !
      But I know I have nerve issues too. Been everywhere & still
      not one person knows what’s up with me . I want to heal & I KNOW I will heal from this

    15. Hello, I have just seen your post. I too desperately need help with my peripheral neuropathy.

    16. Hello Des Paul, I have had peripheral neuropathy for 7 months now. And would really like to try your method. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    17. I’m replying to the comments you made above in 2014. Are you still available for someone to send you info to assess?
      Thank you.

    18. Hi there, can i email u e pls. Want to ask wot u would reccomend fr me. Ty in advance! Hav a grt day! Geneve

    19. Good information!! Especially the “pray without ceasing” (to the true and living God of the Bible)

    20. Got PN from taking Fluoroquinolone antibiotic, can you tell me what you have found to help

  8. What mg would you recommend I need of the acetyl-L-carnitine as a nerve pain killer?


      1. Have visited IBT website i.e. Inclined bed therapy. I heard this works wonders for nerve and muscle disorder.


      1. my husband has nerve pain in the foot from shingles and cannot walk and move his foot properly he needs s splint to walk and a splint to hold his foot from drooping, what can help his nerve damage?

        1. Joe, my husband has the same, just want to know if you found anything that helped. Will appreciate any help! He is taking a lot of herbs, vitamins, amino acids and rubbing with essential oils. He is doing a little better but I still hope there is something that will help him heal.

  10. pls i have lips and chin numbness after a surgery was conducted on my jaws for 8 weeks now n d numbness still exists.i knw some of my facial nerves are damaged.pls how do i sole it.vit b1 n b6 have been percribed to me but no improvement.

    1. Hi, can I ask how you are now? I suffered a similar injury during surgery 3 weeks ago and have numbness and nerve pain in my tongue and chin and have loss the ability to taste on one side of my tongue. I’ve got damage to my lingual and facial nerve. I’ve been prescribed gabapentin but have started taking vitamin B complex. Nothing seems to be working and I’ve been told there’s nothing they can do to fix the problem. They can’t even do a test to confirm what the damage is. Have you had any relief? Is it getting any better?

  11. I used to be a heroin addict and I struck a nerve under my arm close to my arm pit. Since then I can’t feel my point finger and there anything I can take for healing? Will they ever work again? Please I am desperate 4 some advice and don’t have insurance. Thank you.

  12. Neurochondria by Thorne Research is Fantastic. it contains all of the above. I was recommended to take this for nerve damage post accident. It turned me around within 1 week I was doing so much better and have continued taking and improving on this formula.

    I highly recommend this formula.

  13. Hi,

    I suffer from ongoing nerve pain in my left foot near my ankle since 012′ and optic nerve damage in both eyes due to my recurrent Germinoma brain cancer(03′). I’m very curious on where do you recommend I buy the ALC Amino Acid to hopefully help repair and heal my damaged nerves? I’d really appreciate it a lot if you can please help me and let me know, thanks!

  14. I have been suffering with intense Neuropathy in both legs and feet for the past several years due to a low-level embedded spinal cord tumor and tethered cord, to which I’ve had 3 surgeries to try and remove it. I’ve been using different opiods and medications that seem to increase with frequency and mg and with more activity the pain worsens ! What do take and in what amount of mg ? I’ve tried ALA at 600-1200 mgs a day but I didn’t notice much difference in relief. Please help. Thanks !!

  15. I have suffered damage to my bladder nerves
    Due to surgery for colorectal cancer (stage1 )
    Are there any supplements that may help to
    Regenerate these nerves .
    I am 6 wks post operation . I still have an
    In dwelling catheter and will try intermittent
    Catheterization this coming week .
    I am due for stoma reversal soon .

  16. Hi,
    I have suffered from myelitis in 2012. I have many issues below my lower back like: bowel movement, incontinence, imbalance, can’t feel touch, hot and cold.
    I have taken all kinds of treatment but no improvement.
    I would like to know if you can help me in any way.


  17. I have multiple injurys along with a reaction to inoculations from a deployment. This led to very bad nerve pain and firing, I mean sometimes I will vibrate for days and this really beats the hell out of my major muscle groups. Recently, after realizing I couldn’t increase my pain medicine any more due to stomach problems which kept me basicly bed ridden, along with the side effects from the Opiods and Muscle Relaxers along with others too! On our birthday, my wifes an mine are on the same day, I started reducing my opioids and all the rest, the Naproxen, Muscle Relaxers none, and the effects are just wonderful, sure I still have the nerve pain but it has reduced, ringing in my ears(4years constant) stopped, and the stomach pain which led to this is gone along with the constipation and other great news. I don’t know if this is what everyone should do but if your taking Opiods, even like me for more than 2 decades, this may be part of the problems? Also I just purchased my first over the counter Gummys for Neuropathy and hopefully this helps? Good Luck and God Bless!

  18. Please send all helpful suggestions to reversing nerve damage & pain, to my email address above. Thank you.

  19. I am suffering form motor sensory neuropathy due to spine surgery L4_L5 (fusion). presently I ma on lyrica-75 but it is not working.Doctor told me that due to sever compression your nerve has totally damaged.I am only 42 years old. please help.

  20. I came down with bells palsey about 9-10 years ago. I’ve pretty much recovered, however the affected side still has some twitching and muscle weakness. I’m currently taking ACL, for a few days now. Is the anything you would suggest me trying?

    1. You need to try the Klamath Weed (St John’s Wort) drop rub it on the side with the problem and then take some 40 drop by mouth each day. I did that for myself and my mouth returned to normal.

    1. Hi, my father was diagnosed with motor neurone disease a year ago and has been slowly deteriating ever since, I am told that the “insulation” around his nerves is breaking down, and so the nerve impulses are not reaching their destinations as well. I am wondering whether this amino acid would help to rebuild or slow the decay of his nerve walls?

      1. interested in the reply since I complain very much similar pain for same reason but refused to do any surgery…also I believe that the nerve insulation is deteriorating please send me email with suggestions thank you very much…

  21. I have numbness stiffness paid in legs knees and my lower back very sens in cold and hot weather h
    elp with th

    e treatment

  22. Hi. Am in the exact same situation as one of the comments here by Miriam I was told I have periphal neuropathy am not diabetic and also have foot drop too as well as numbness in my fingers and loss of sensation on foot area. Could you please tell me if there’s anything I can do. The foot drop only affects my dorsiflex

  23. Hi, I had acute neuropathy in 2011 and did surgery for l5s1 but I have numbness over my buttocks &genitals ,docs says that my nerves are damaged in those area and there are no med available for me. I don’t have pain now but life is hell tried all possible treatment, ayurvedic treatment helped me for pain and muscles strengthening. Since 2011 once a year I do ayurvedic treatment in india but can’t be any help for numbness which is killing….. Good luck for all of us. Are any here who had taken the mentioned supplement and improved pls share your progress or anyone who have recovered from this.

    Thanks dinesh

  24. My husband has nerve damage from shingles, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, causing facial paralysis. What is the optimum daily dosage to take to help with nerve repair and are there any pitfalls to watch out for in terms of the correct form to take it in, combinations it should be taken in and so on? I’ve seem a couple of supplements that provide ALC in combination with other vitamins and am not sure whet is a good combination or form. Thanks for any advice.

    1. Hi,Carrie, I take Vit D 1000mg, Alpha lipoic acid, magnesium & lipoic acid daily. My nerve problem has improved greatly. Rub a mixture of Champhor oil and almond/coconut oil on the affected area, it soothes the pain wonderfully.

  25. I think I may have damaged some nerves in my face. Ever since I injured my face I’ve had pain since November and have noticed the muscles of my face are weaker now because they sag at my 23 years of age ever since that fateful day. Would this help me?

  26. I have been suffering for 4 years s1 L5 severe nerve damage I need help due to a gunshot wound I had 4 years ago May God help me

  27. My name is Tramecia, I Am only 29 and suffer from intense nerve pain from skin graft surgery resulting from 3rd degree burns about 6 months ago. My nerves were completely burned and the damaged nerve endings. Reopened for healing purposes. The problem is, I’m pregnant with twins and can’t take anything for pain, and I feel like I’m dying, constantly researching searching for understanding and cures. I often feel helpless. Knowing that I’m not alone is very reassuring as the resources on nerve pain seems way too broad. I prefer to listen to the patients who actually feel the pain than the doctors who try mask them Werth narcotics and telling me there’s nothing they can do. The technology in this world that we have, surely there must be something. Anything. Do you think you could give me some suggestions? I’m beyond desperate and violently vulnerable to the pain.

  28. I forgot to add that the major nerve pain site,comes from a skin graft on my continuously growing abdomen. I am 6 months pregnant with twins, and my graft is fresh. About 6 months old as who. ; ( I am beyond desperate? Can you help me? 5759425663

  29. i got bad nerve danage i need help with small blood vessel in my lower leg what can i do leg turning colors foot doctor said my blood vessel leaking in to my legs

  30. I’m suffering from nerve pain due to diabetes. The soles of my feet are aching constantly. My toes are aching,palm of my hands and the scalp of my head are aching too due to inflammation. I’m taking painkiller 400mg a day (Gabapentin – Gabix)and aspirin and metformin for diabetes. It’s almost a year now and the pain is getting worsen than before. Can you please advise me any alternative medicines and pain killer? Natural method of healing much better.

  31. Wow! Am so grateful! I want to share my review on Dr Mutuma.. I was diagnosed of ALS disease (motor neuron disease) in 2011 and I have tried all I can to get cured but all to no avail, my life was gradually coming to an end, until i saw some reviews in a health forum about a herbal doctor called Dr Mutuma from Israel (jerusalem) who cures ALS disease with herbal medicine and all kind of diseases including diabetes, kidney problem, Leukemia, Asthma, Gonorrhea, arthritis etc, at first i doubted if it was real but I decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor via his email, he asked me to fill the form and I followed all the instruction. He prepared a herbal medicine and sent it to me via courier service, when i received this herbal medicine, he gave me descriptions on how to use it and I followed it. Am using it as instructed, i was cured of this deadly disease within 6weeks, I could not walk or talk understandably before but after i took the herbal cure as he instructed i regained strength in my bones and i could talk properly unlike before, I am now tested free from ALS disease, all thanks to Dr Mutuma. Contact this great herbal doctor via his email [email protected] gmail . com “He can cure any kinds of disease or sickness with herbal medicine” you have my word.

  32. My name is Brenda, I am 58 years old with 4 kids. I was diagnosed of ALS disease (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2013 and I have tried all I can to get cured but all to no avail, my life was gradually coming to an end, until i saw some reviews in a health forum about a herbal doctor from Rome(Italy) who prepares herbal cure to cure Herpes virus and all kind of diseases including ALS, lyme, Diabetes, Kidney, Leukaemia, Asthma, Cancer, Gonorrhoea, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease etc, at first i doubted if it was real but decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor via his email;(, he prepared an ALS herbal portion and sent it to me via DHL courier service, when i received the herbal portion, he gave me step by step instructions on how to apply it, when i applied it as instructed, i was cured of this deadly disease within 22-24 days and my doctor confirmed it, I could not walk or talk understandably before but after i took the herbal cure as he instructed i regained strength in my bones and i could talk properly unlike before, I am now free from the deadly disease, all thanks to dr eitan. Contact this great herbal doctor via his email;[email protected] “He’s a man of his words”

  33. My husband suffers from severe, fairly debilitating pain after his vasectomy 2 years go (Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome). His urologist recommend a vasectomy reversal as a possibility for pain relief – the result was a wonderful new baby but no pain relief whatsoever. We are now being send down the yellow brick road of pain killers; ibuprofen and Tylenol were hard on his body, results in non-alcoholic fatty liver. Move from OTC to hydrocodone for several months, along with gabapentin. His pain management specialist wants to up his gabapentin and add an anti-depressant such as Cymbalta. His primary doctor just took him off hydrocodone and started Oxycontin. We are heading down a path we don’t want to go down. He gets very little, if any relief from the medications he’s on, and we don’t anticipate him getting any relief by just increasing the doses. We feel pushed into having to take strong and stronger meds because there doesn’t seem to be a plausible alternative.

    We believe the pain is nerve-originated, at least some of it, probably in the Ilioinguinal or Genitofemoral nerves. Any ideas if this supplement would help?
    Anyone have any suggestions at all for other treatments that don’t involve anti-depressants or Oxy?

    1. I have pelvic floor dysfunction, probably a result of some of the nerves you mentioned. Have you tried looking into a pelvic floor therapist as they can greatly help with this sort of pain. And, the same therapist should also be able to perform dry needling on the psoas, oblique and abdomen muscles which those nerves innervate. His GP or urologist should be able to give him a referral to see the therapist.

    2. m husband had a vasectomy 28 years ago after i had my daughter and second child never any issues in all those years must be a real botched surgery, never heard of such a thing in Canada of course reversal would end in pregnancy that was another dumb suggestion to agree to do As far as doses of meds go i feel that if a medication does nothing at a low dose, i fail to see that an increased dosage would do anything other than bodily harm but each to his own; i usually pepper doctors with lots of questions and proceed only when i have the answers i want i prepare for doctor visits like i am going to write an exam i get myself ready with notes in my cellphone that i read over on the way there; just a few things to consider


    1. I knew of someone with the same issue. He was advised to do ,
      “The 24 hour Cleanse” (google it).
      Some of ingredients needed are;
      Apple juice, Epsom salt, Extra Virgin oil, orange, lemon and or grapefruit.
      This will eliminate stones and toxins from the liver, galbladder and pancreas, where the ducts unite to one another. Think of a clogged sink/pipes…Once cleared .everything works once again!!
      May take 1 or up to 3 cleanses. Important to follow directions on the intervals, time between cleanses.
      It did work and this gentleman continues to workout, yet now swears up a storm.
      Best of Luck! 🙂

  35. I have been diagnosed with motor neuron disease with neuropathy and foot drop in both feet. It severely limits my ability to stand and walk without falling. I get quite fatigued, use a walker most of the time, and a power chair part of the time. Also, there is absolutely NO pain involved, only very impaired mobility. I heard of using amino acid therapy. Is this beneficial or is anything at all useful in helping this condition?

  36. Hi everyone! I’m new to this site, but from reading others’ posts and replies, I’d like to know your thoughts regarding my situation. Just over 2 years ago I was shot with a .22 straight thru my right eye. I woke up from a few weeks coma to find out the bullet was (still is) lodged in my brain and either severed or severely damaged my facial nerve, leaving the right side of my face paralyzed and my right ear dysfunctional. So, after a year of therapy and failed hopes of the nerve healing and restoring function on its own, I underwent the 1st of a 2 stage dynamic facial reanimation surgery to restore at the very least a symmetrical smile. The sural nerve from my right leg was grafted and attached to my left facial nerve, tunneled across my face though the skin to the corresponding area(think ear to ear). In about 6-7 months, nerve fibers successfully grew through the graft, sending the needed signal all the way across! At 8 months, stage 2 of the procedure was performed and the gracilis muscle, with its blood vessels, was transplanted from my left thigh to my right cheek and the nerve stump was attached to the previous cross-facial nerve graft.
    Since the 2nd procedure, progress has been veryyyy slow. I’m at about 10 months post-op now and the muscle hardly contracts. The signal gets through on command, but it does not pull my mouth up very much; just a tiny budge. My microsurgeon is perplexed as to why I’m not much further along and expected me to be where I am now at least 3-4 months ago. He says that no matter how minuscule the progress made between follow up appointments its still a good sign that it hasn’t stopped.
    But, other than the neurobiofeedback and emg-like therapy that I have been doing since before surgery, he does not offer any ideas to help encourage the innervation and overall healing. No matter how off-the -wall it may be, if anyone can offer some ideas, advice or thoughts that may be of some help, I’d really appreciate it!

    Thank you 🙂

    I was suffering from Diabetes since 3yrs and I have been taking some medications from my Doctor and there was no improvement, my life was gradually coming to an end, I faithful day i was searching some remedy on the internet and i saw a post in a health forum about a herbal doctor from Africa who prepares herbal remedy to cure all kind of diseases including Diabetes, at first i doubted if it was real but with much pressure i decided to give it a try, when i contact this herbal doctor via his email, [email protected] he reply me and assure me that he is going to cure me that news brought happiness into my life, he told me what is needed now is for me to buy some items for the cure preparation, though I couldn’t find any of those items myself, faithfully I sent him the money he bought those items and prepared a cure for me. He told me that he is going to send the cure through courier delivery service, I paid to the courier delivery service, then, I got the cure whiten 3 day, when i received this herbal remedy, he gave me instructions on how to apply it, After i finish applied it as instructed, i was cured of this deadly disease after 14days of usage, If you are out there suffering from this disease you can contact him and get cure with the help of Dr. Sabi powerful root & herbs, email;[email protected] or call/whatsapp him +2348168257144.

    Thank you.

    1. hi,
      i am diabetic type 2, could you please let me know how much did it cost you ?


  38. Would this supplement recommendation help someone with peripheral nerve damage to the sense of smell?

  39. Low good pm, doc/sir,madam
    I have bells palsy , 7 years ago,, I want go back my normal face,, what I need,, what I take medicine?

    1. Gail,

      Thank you for contacting Institute for Natural Healing!
      We are unable to provide any medical advice and recommend contacting your physician.

      In Good Health,

      INH Research

  40. I have polyneuropathy and am using a walker for balance. Have been diagnosed with spinal cord impingement and do not want surgery. Am in pain and experiencing numbless in fingers arms and feet. Pain in lumbar spine , can only walk in the house for short distance. Can’t take the Antidepressants I have been prescribed. Looking for help with all of this pain and suffering.

  41. Before you take this supplement Doctor oz found out that it causes build up in your arteries that can lead up to heart attack and or stroke please ask your Doctor and do more research on this product I thought a lot about taking it but decided against it because I did my on research on it and found out Dr oz was right

  42. Hello, I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease with neuropathy and foot drop in both feet. It severely limits my ability to stand and walk without falling. I get quite fatigued, use a walker most of the time. Also, there is absolutely NO pain involved, only very impaired mobility. If anyone has any solutions or tips on how I could improve my help please contact me [email protected] . I appreciate all the help.

    1. I can only suggest that you try a cross trainer,which will naturally help you lift your feet higher when walking. I wished I had one 4 years ago when I first noticed the foot drop. I have a nerve problem ,which is C I D P . Like you I have no pain. But do have fatigue after any exercise. Am also going to try the amino acids that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment. Don’t know if this helps

  43. I have foot drop and peripheral nerve damage after 2 back ops numbness and heat sensation in feet Can you help please

  44. Any advice please for post op decompression suffering nerve damage heat sensation in feet– Thanks

  45. Have you used this for numbness in the feet, calves and thighs??
    I have all of this but not diabetic and they say my nerves and muscles are okay….
    I need help…

  46. Could you tell me what brand you are using I am interested in taking it please


  48. I am 45 years old male.
    I experience following symptoms after taking vitamin B complex supplement.
    1. Tingling all over the body
    2. Twitching all over the body predominantly legs stomach back right-side
    3. Shocking sensation in body
    4. Crawling sensation mainly in scalp and sometime on other part of body.
    5. Numbness in foot and hands. In the night both hand feeling numb.
    6. Insomnia, anxiety, stress
    7. Sharp pinning/needling sensation in body,pain
    8. Burning sensation upper shoulder
    9. Buzzing in the thigh
    I was taking Neurobion (Merck brand)containing Vitamin -B1 100MG, Vitamin B6- 200MG ,Vitamin B12-200MCG
    I took one tablet each day for nearly 40+days. Without knowing these tablets are poisoning me each single day. I experienced symptoms on 25th day but I was thinking these are not due to vitamin supplement. On the supplement pack it was written these tablets are good for back pain ,nerve tingling and prickling, Good Nerves health etc. I was so fool to look at this information and taking till 40th day.
    At last I consulted neurology doctor he has advised me to do following blood test.
    1. Calcium
    2. Magnesieum
    3. CK/CPK

    All above test are normal. Then nerve conduction test and EMG also normal.
    Finally doctor concluded I have binign fesuculation . he advised it comes and goes. Just ignore and asked me see psychologist.

    I was desperate and suffering all above mentioned symptoms. I searched in internet for possible cause and in some website it was mentioned Vitamins toxicity me give these symptoms.
    Finally I ordered all vitamin B complex panel blood test and my vitamin b-6 level was found 212 ng/Ml (normal range is 8.7-27.2) nearly 7 times high than normal range.

    I stopped the vitamin B supplement. Today 70th day and I have still have moderate symptoms in the body but the magnitude of the symptoms have been reduced to some extent.. I have no idea how much damage these vitamins have done and how long it takes to recover. now I am very careful with my diet now avoiding B6 rich food. Noticed whenever I eat B rich food my symptoms will increases . I eat chicken which has rich B6 and started numbness in foot hand and mild tingling. Burning in is very difficult to completely avoid B6 rich food.

    In coming days I will keep update my progress of recovery.

    It is too late for me to realize dangers of vitamin supplements…
    Can anyone help me how to come out of this. I have consulted few doctors and they have no idea about vitamin B6 toxicity.

  49. Hi

    Do you think that this supplement can reverse tooth nerve death? My daughter’s adult molar doesn’t react to cold anymore. She has deep decay and was in terrible pain fro about a week including mild temperature. Considering all these symptoms we were told that tooth has dies and will need either root canal or preferably extraction. I would prefer to avoid either if there is only small chance of saving her tooth. Please advice. Thank you!

  50. MSM (organic sulfur) not to be confused with sulfa drugs. Works wonders – Google it!

  51. I have neuropathy in feet, however, my symptoms are only in right foot. Will these supplements work, I also take vit C, D and E, along with a B complex.

    1. Hi Joe,

      We recommend you consult with your doctor.

      Be well,
      INH Research Team

  52. I’d love info please. I have my pancreas removed 5 years ago to disease and fighting with severe nerve damage in that area. Am so very desperate and would appreciate advice. God bless! email is [email protected]

    1. Hi Tami,

      We can’t give medical advice to individual patients. But you can see from the study that acetyl-L-carnitine works for some people.


      INH Research Team

  53. Hi,

    I think I asked about this solution before in the past,
    but can this help repair damaged nerves in the brain, eyes, and ears?

  54. REAL

    Don’t panic! ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) can be reversed. I have had ALS since I was 45 years old. Am now 55 years old living ALS FREE. A great way to reverse ALS completely is with natural herbal remedy called ALS herbal remedy introduced by BEST HEALTH HERBAL CENTRE. This product will reverse your ALS within 5-6 weeks of usage.

  55. What is your e-mail?

    My mom has neuropathy and I am trying to find ways to reverse it.

    Any help is appreciated.

  56. MSM taken with vit C povides the building block of collegen. Reduces inflammation and has reduced pain in areas of arthritis. Increases energy and helps with fatigue. I like Now brand powder.

  57. Im on warfarin and ACL has left me in bruises all over because its not a good interaction.

  58. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve been having trouble with the pain the legs and feet when walking or when lying down. I have also had trouble with toes going numb. I’m taking a lot of other supplements but they couldn’t get rid of the leg and foot pain.

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