A new study reveals yet another benefit of this kitchen staple: It slashes breast cancer risk by almost 70%. Find out what it is here.

Cut Breast Cancer Risk With THIS

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Everybody knows a sensible diet is important to good health. But a new study finds that when you add an extra dose of olive oil to a healthy eating plan, something amazing happens…

Scientists in Spain had thousands of women between the ages of 60 and 80 supplement their diet with 4 extra tablespoons of olive oil a day.

Five years later, what they found was a true cancer-prevention game-changer: Few of the women in the study developed breast cancer. In fact, their risk had been slashed by a stunning 68%.1

Olive oil is loaded with an antioxidant called oleocanthal. Scientists have found it reduces inflammation, which is the root cause of many serious diseases–including cancer. 2

But as with most foods, all olive oil is not created equal.

Choose organic extra-virgin varieties with “cold pressed” on the label. These have the highest concentration of cancer-crushing antioxidants. Light can cause the oil to break down and turn rancid. So buy only those brands that come in dark glass bottles. And you’ll want to use it in place of other fats in your diet.

It’s best drizzled on salads and over already cooked vegetables. If you use it as a cooking oil, be sure to stick to low heat. High heat will scorch the oil and limit its health benefits.

But olive oil isn’t the only way to fight cancer…

Carol R., a retired schoolteacher, developed breast cancer in 2009. Mainstream treatments scared her. So she went to a specialized health facility in Wichita, Kansas for an all-natural treatment.

Now she says, “Not only is the cancer gone from the inside, everything has improved…head to toe…skin, nails, hair, teeth, eyes…everything. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago—which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!”

For details on Carol’s treatment—and about others who have healed from it—go HERE.

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