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Cut Breast Cancer Risk With THIS

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Everybody knows a sensible diet is important to good health. But a new study finds that when you add an extra dose of olive oil to a healthy eating plan, something amazing happens…

Scientists in Spain had thousands of women between the ages of 60 and 80 supplement their diet with 4 extra tablespoons of olive oil a day.

Five years later, what they found was a true cancer-prevention game-changer: Few of the women in the study developed breast cancer.… Read More

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SHOCKING Video Reveals 15 Reasons to Avoid Processed Meat

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We don’t normally post this sort of thing. But it’s too shocking to keep to ourselves…

Big Food still tries to pass off processed meats as safe protein sources. If ingredients like sodium nitrite and MSG aren’t enough to turn you away from these meat imposters… This video will.

In it, you’ll discover the “meat product” that looks more like soft-serve ice cream… The repulsive additive the FDA allows manufacturers to leave in your food… And the chemical we pump into our pigs—that even China and Russia won’t allow.… Read More

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When Ice Cream Won’t Melt in the Sun…

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Call us old fashioned… But an ice cream sandwich should melt in the sun. Especially after you leave it outside for an hour in 100 degree weather. That’s not the case with Walmart’s Great Value brand.

And if you’re still chowing down on fake foods, you have to see this…

The following video from Consumer Reports reveals how the use of gums and other food processed food additives are making what we eat seem less like food… And more like science experiments.… Read More

Chicken Farm Swaps Dangerous Antibiotics for Surprising Natural “Medicine”

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A chicken farm in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania is taking a different approach to raising their chicks… And it could mean safer—and healthier—food on your plate.

Scott Sechler, owner of Bell & Evans, is done with antibiotics. He’s using natural oregano and cinnamon to protect his chickens instead. He says, “I have worried a bit about how I’m going to sound talking about this… But I really do think we’re on to something here.”… Read More