Don’t let the cold season leave you feeling miserable... New research reveals the easiest thing you can do to fight off a cold this fall.

Super-Simple Solution to Stop Colds

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When cool weather kicks in… So do the sniffles. But a new study reveals you can prevent colds by doing this one ridiculously simple thing every night…

Get more sleep.

Researchers gave subjects the common cold virus via nasal drops. Then they followed them for a week to see if they got sick.

But before they did this… Scientists had the participants wear sensors to monitor their sleep patterns.

The results were shocking…

They found people who fell shy of eight hours of sleep were more than 400% more likely to develop a cold.

And the less of it they got… The greater their risk.

The study reveals that anything less than seven hours of quality sleep a night can make your body’s natural defenses weaker… And set you up for a nasty cold.1

Over time, a cold could be the least of your worries… Health Watch readers may recall that losing just 30 minutes of weekday sleep can make you 39% more likely to develop insulin resistance. Missing sleep also stops your brain from flushing harmful toxins overnight.

In other words, you need to try your best to sleep a full eight hours every night.

The obvious way to do this is to go to bed earlier. And when you get there, you’ll fall asleep faster if you turn off the electronics.2 TVs, tablets, and smartphones emit blue light that can disrupt your sleep cycle. Wind down with a book instead.

Another way to ensure quality sleep is to get more melatonin. It’s a hormone that helps regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. But don’t get it from drugstore pills…

Add foods like banana, pineapple, and tart cherry juice to your diet. These help increase your body’s natural melatonin production. Remember, melatonin is a hormone… So taking too much of it from a synthetic source could make your body stop producing it.

But these aren’t the only ways to defend against a cold…

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