Protect Your Prostate Now!

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Most doctors will tell you that too much testerone causes prostate cancer. But one doctor believes the reverse. He says “free” testosterone is vital to good prostate health.

That doctor is Abraham Morgentaler. And he’s spent the last seven years proving his theory.

As we told you on Tuesday, it all began in 2004 when he treated an 84-year-old patient with prostate cancer.

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Everything You’re Doing for Your Prostate May Be Wrong!

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It’s possible that everything you hear about managing your prostate is wrong. That’s because most doctors believe that elevated testosterone levels cause prostate cancer cells to grow.

But emerging research says the exact opposite is true. New studies show that your prostate thrives on increased levels of “free” testosterone. In fact, higher levels can actually reverse the growth of cancer cells.

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Fast-Food May Be Fast-Track to a Stronger Heart…

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You can eat McDonald’s every day of the week. So long as they offer complimentary statins along with the ketchup and condiments.

It sounds like a joke. But it’s a serious proposal from a recent U.K. study. And since its publication… plenty of U.S. doctors are supporting it.

The proposal genuinely states that you can enjoy a burger and milk shake.

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