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Prescription Drugs Are Now the 4th Leading Cause of Death

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Taking prescription drugs has become a roll of the dice…

Some 128,000 Americans a year now die from the effects of medications prescribed to them. This number doesn’t include overdose deaths—only people who took their drugs as prescribed.[1]

Prescription drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. They kill more Americans than breast cancer, prostate cancer, homicide, and suicide combined.

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How to Find Out If Your Doctor Is Taking Big Pharma Bribes

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In 1995, OxyContin was approved by the FDA. It was marketed as a safer pain pill by its manufacturer, Purdue Pharma.[1]

No one knew it at the time, but it was the start of perhaps the biggest public health disaster in American history. 

Between 1999 and 2017, more than 400,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses. That’s almost two and a half times more than the U.S.

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Big Pharma Is Destroying Your Microbiome

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Antibiotics are a double-edged sword.

They not only kill germs that make you sick, they destroy the good bacteria in your intestines that contribute to your health in a myriad of ways.

Your body is home to about 100 million beneficial bacteria. Together, they are called your microbiome.

And when your microbiome is damaged, you lose the protection it provides against a wide range of serious health problems.

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Blood Pressure Meds Tied to Suicide

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If you walk into a doctor’s office with high blood pressure, the chances are good that you’ll walk out with a prescription for a hypertension drug. 

They are among the most-prescribed medications in the U.S. About one out of every four American adults takes a high blood pressure drug.[1] 

There are many different types of hypertension medications, but an alarming new study shows that one of the most common is linked to suicide. 

Researchers from several Toronto medical schools analyzed health databases.

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The Surprising Cause of Arthritis

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Doctors have always been mystified about the cause of rheumatoid arthritis. 

About 1.3 million Americans suffer with the joint condition. It’s an autoimmune disease in which your body’s own immune system attacks your joints. 

Doctors have always suspected that genetics were the main cause. But new research points to a different culprit: antibiotics

The study was published in the journal BMC Medicine.

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This Safe Opioid ‘Alternative’ Is Fake News

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The opioid epidemic is a big problem for Big Pharma.

Not only are they being (rightfully) blamed for the thousands of addicts and overdoses caused by their pursuit of profits, but now they are being hit with a blizzard of lawsuits seeking damages. 

Drug companies have another problem: After promoting opioids as the go-to pain medication for years, what can they offer instead? 

In many cases, the answer has been tramadol.

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