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Probiotics Help Reduce COVID Symptoms, Study Finds 

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If you have a symptomatic bout of COVID-19, taking a probiotic supplement nearly doubles the chances that you’ll fully recover within a month.

That’s the promising finding of a new clinical trial. It tested probiotics in 300 symptomatic COVID patients. Half the subjects took a daily supplement that contained four probiotic strains. The other half took a placebo.[1]

After 30 days, 53% of the probiotic takers had completely recovered.… Read More

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The Surprising Natural Bone Strength Booster

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Probiotics have long been used to improve digestion. These “good” bacteria are a crucial part of your intestinal health.

But recent studies have shown that probiotics have effects that go far beyond the gut. There is clear evidence they boost immunity, improve mental health, help people lose weight, fight diabetes, and even relieve allergies.

A recent study shows another surprising benefit that you might never associate with probiotics.… Read More

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An Extra Helping of Turkey May Help People With Gluten Issues

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Thanksgiving can be a nightmare for people with celiac disease.

While everybody else looks forward to stuffing themselves, someone with gluten issues must worry about which dishes are safe and which may contain wheat, which causes their digestive system to go haywire.

Now, a new two-part study shows that celiac sufferers not only don’t have to fret about the main dish on Thanksgiving, they may want to go for seconds.… Read More

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The Natural Depression Solution That Works Better Than Drugs

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It’s long been known that probiotics help with digestive troubles. But a new study shows that “good” bacteria offer a surprising bonus: They relieve depression.[1]

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada recruited 44 adults with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and mild to moderate anxiety or depression. IBS is the world’s most common digestive disorder. It causes stomach pain as well as constipation and/or diarrhea.… Read More