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Predict a HEART ATTACK… With Your Phone? (Wow!)

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When it comes to maintaining optimal heart health, it seems like mainstream medicine is quick to point out plenty of ‘problems’ – but very few SOLUTIONS.

In fact, ask most doctors and they’ll probably tell you outside of taking prescription drugs, the only ‘natural’ ways to prevent a heart attack are to:

  1. exercise for HOURS…
  2. or, consistently eat boring, bland foods.
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The Best Exercise for Heart Health Is Not What You Think

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When it comes to heart health, mainstream doctors recommend one form of exercise above all others: cardio.

It’s why so many people spend long hours jogging, biking, or using various cardio exercise machines.

But a surprising study shows that another type of workout brings major heart benefits in a fraction of the time.

Lifting weights for less than 10 minutes a day cuts your risk of heart attack and stroke by up to 70%.… Read More

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Look at Your Face for This Sign You’re Headed for a Heart Attack

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Being overweight… 

A bad diet… 

Lack of exercise… 

A family history of heart disease… 

Everybody knows these are signs that a heart attack could be in your future. 

But researchers found there’s a major risk factor that you can see by looking in the mirror. 

It raises your chances of a heart attack by nearly 1,000%. 

Your Heart Health Is Written on Your Face 

Forehead wrinkles may be the last thing you’d associate with heart disease.Read More

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How to Protect Yourself from a Morning Heart Attack 

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You may have heard that early morning is when your risk of having a heart attack is greatest. 

Early-day heart attacks are not only more frequent, they are deadlier. They are 20% more likely to kill you.i 

Doctors have never known exactly why people are more prone to heart attacks in the morning. Researchers at Queen Mary University of London set out to solve the mystery.Read More

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The Surprising Reason Arthritis Patients Suffer Heart Attacks 

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For decades, doctors have known that people with arthritis are more likely to suffer heart attacks and heart failure. 

Their risk for heart disease is 23% higher than the general population. Their risk for heart failure is 42% greater. And they face a significantly higher chance of having a stroke, too.i 

But a major study shows that it’s not arthritis that is causing the heightened risk.Read More