3 Food Hacks to END Your Gout Pain FOR

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  • How to eliminate gout pain without drugs
  • Why millions aren’t getting the right treatment
  • How to manage gout flareups safely

… and more.

Gout is a painful condition.

But as much as gout can cause you to hobble around, with your foot feeling like it is ON FIRE!

Gout is ultimately treatable, with the RIGHT therapy.

The problem is…

Millions of folks that suffer from gout AREN’T getting the right therapy!… Read More

“Royal” mushroom improves cholesterol in 3 months!

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  • The dangerous side effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs 
  • The truth about your cholesterol levels 
  • How to manage your cholesterol without risky drugs 

… and more. 

One hundred million. 

That’s the staggering number of Americans labeled as having high cholesterol. 

And what’s mainstream medicine’s predictable solution to this problem? 

A quick prescription for their favorite “magic pill” that they swear will not only lower your cholesterol, but give you amazing heart health.Read More

An Aspirin a Day for Your Pain? Why You Should STOP.

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And four heart-healthy, safe alternatives. Discover:  

  • The surprising truth about taking a daily aspirin 
  • How you may be at a higher risk for heart failure 
  • Mother Nature’s safe, effective alternatives  

… and more. 

Back in 1948, a doctor from California named Dr. Lawrence Craven recommended folks take an aspirin a day to reduce the risk of a heart attack. (This recommendation was based on what he observed with his own patients.) Read More

TOXIC Ingredients in Your Sunscreen?

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And the simple steps for safe exposure —without sacrificing time in the sun!


  • The summer staple that causes cancer 
  • The harmful ingredients to look for 
  • Safe, natural, and effective alternatives  

… and more. 

There are a few essentials that we all reach for when summer rolls around. 

One item at the top of this list is sunscreen. 

After all, the mainstream will have you believing that lathering up is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and protected from skin cancer (while not feeling guilty about having a little fun in the sun). Read More

Exposing OTC Painkillers (A New Surprising Study)

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Uncover the latest research how these painkillers:  

  • Disrupt your natural immune response 
  • Can cause alarming side effects  
  • Raise your risk of serious infectious disease 

Plus, discover the natural “rainforest super fruit” that eliminates pain… and more. 

If you frequently turn to over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers to ease your aches and pains… I have some bad news. 

Sure, they are convenient, easy-to-find, and probably give you a temporary relief… (And yes, in some situations, they are necessary.)Read More

Change Your Genes to Attain Your Best Health Ever

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Discover how the new science of epigenetics can switch off the genes that: 

  • Make you fat 
  • Give you heart disease 
  • Cause inflammation 
  • Trigger cancer 

…and more 

Virtually every major health condition can be inherited. Cancer, heart disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, and many others can run in families.  

If you’re like most people, you have a family history of at least one of these.Read More