TOXIC Ingredients in Your Sunscreen?

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And the simple steps for safe exposure —without sacrificing time in the sun!


  • The summer staple that causes cancer 
  • The harmful ingredients to look for 
  • Safe, natural, and effective alternatives  

… and more. 

There are a few essentials that we all reach for when summer rolls around. 

One item at the top of this list is sunscreen. 

After all, the mainstream will have you believing that lathering up is one of the best ways to keep your skin healthy, smooth, and protected from skin cancer (while not feeling guilty about having a little fun in the sun).  

But there’s a catch: not all sunscreens are created equal. 

In fact, the ones that you’ll find on the shelves are often LOADED with harmful chemicals than can cause serious damage to your health. 

Which has to make you wonder… 

Is my sunscreen safe? 

Let’s uncover the truth. In this latest issue, we’ll look at three harmful ingredients that may be lurking in your sunscreen. 

And, we’ll discuss simple, effective tips to keep your skin safe and protected from harmful UV rays.  

You’ll also discover:   

  • The silent dangers of afternoon naps. And the amount of sleep you need to boost your memory. 
  • A sleep disorder that could DESTROY your memory. Learn about a “tree bark” supplement that can restore quality sleep. 
  • How to enjoy sweet benefits from two summer fruits. Your body – and taste buds – will reap the benefits.  

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing. 

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