The Illness Is Bad Enough. The Hospital May Be Even Worse.

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How to make sure that you’re healed—not hurt—when you go into the hospital. 

Her eyes were nearly swollen shut. Her throat was closing. Maja Castillo knew exactly what was happening to her. 

She was in the midst of a severe allergic reaction.  

Maja is a doctor. She works as a pediatrician in New York. She knew that she desperately needed a shot of epinephrine.Read More

The Danger Inside You

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Most medical devices are sold without any clinical testing. The results can be tragic.


  • An artificial joint 
  • A pacemaker 
  • A heart stent 
  • A CPAP machine 
  • An insulin pump 
  • A gastric band 

…or any other health device 

John Winkler had severe heart failure. He desperately needed a transplant. But it looked like he might not survive until a donor heart could be found. Read More

No Drugs, No Surgeries… Conquer Chronic Pain With the Power of Your Mind

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These 7 research-backed solutions can help your brain turn off back, joint, nerve, and other types of chronic pain. 

Don Benedict’s back hurt so badly that he wanted to kill himself. He was bedridden and didn’t see the point of going on.i 

Just a few years earlier, things were very different.  

Don was an avid athlete. He played competitive handball and was a long-distance runner, doing 5 miles every other day. Read More

“I Could Actually Feel My Brain Healing”

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Strengthen your natural defense against memory decline and Alzheimer’s.

Julie Gregory remembers the exact moment she first started to worry about Alzheimer’s disease.  

A woman approached her in the store. “Julie! Hi!” the woman said. “How have you been?”i 

Julie stared at her blankly, frantically searching her memory. A few uncomfortable seconds passed.  

“Remember, our sons went to school together?”Read More