The Illness Is Bad Enough. The Hospital May Be Even Worse.

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How to make sure that you’re healed—not hurt—when you go into the hospital. 

Her eyes were nearly swollen shut. Her throat was closing. Maja Castillo knew exactly what was happening to her. 

She was in the midst of a severe allergic reaction.  

Maja is a doctor. She works as a pediatrician in New York. She knew that she desperately needed a shot of epinephrine. 

“Having experienced two previous allergic reactions, I knew epinephrine would provide instant relief,” she said.  

That’s why she had rushed to the emergency room of her local hospital. But after the nurse injected the drug, Dr. Castillo was surprised that her symptoms weren’t easing.  

It was then she realized that the nurse had made a terrible mistake. 

“The nurse had erroneously injected epinephrine directly into my bloodstream,” Dr. Castillo said. For allergic reactions, epinephrine is supposed to go into the thigh muscle.  

“I had just received 10 times more epinephrine than a dying patient would get to restart their heart,” she said.  

Dr. Castillo knew that an overdose of epinephrine can cause a fatal heart attack. This realization came just seconds before the massive dose of the drug slammed into her heart.  

“My heart raced faster until it skipped beats,” she said. “Crushing pain filled my chest, head, arms, and legs.”  

Then, she passed out.  

When she woke up, her head throbbed, she was mentally confused, and sick to her stomach. But she was thankful to be alive.  

After she recovered, Dr. Castillo did something that might surprise you. She contacted the hospital and insisted that the nurse not be disciplined.     

“It would be convenient to say that a careless nurse caused my suffering, but I know there is more to the story,” Dr. Castillo said. 

That’s what this issue of Independent Healing is all about. 

The mistake that nearly killed Dr. Castillo is part of a larger crisis in our nation’s hospitals.  

Even before the pandemic hit, there was a hospital staffing crisis. Now, healthcare workers are quitting in droves because of burnout. Thousands have died from COVID. Others are being put on leave because they refuse to get vaccinated. Those left behind find themselves overwhelmed. 

As a result, hospital errors have become widespread. They are so common and so deadly that one study found they are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. behind heart disease and cancer.  

In this issue, we’ll tell you how you can avoid the three biggest risks of hospitalization. Avoid these dangers and you greatly reduce the chances that you’ll be harmed instead of healed by your treatment. 

You’ll also discover:  

  • Why immunologists are worried that Merck’s new COVID pill may cause cell mutations. 
  • New research shows that using the internet boosts retirees’ brain function. 
  • Why you should focus on exercise—not weight loss—to live longer.
  • A simple device that can be a pandemic lifesaver. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing.  

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