When Diabetes Drugs Turn Deadly

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For many people with high blood sugar, the treatment can be worse than the illness. 

Ron Carlson was determined not to let diabetes stop him from doing the things he loved. 

He was an avid outdoorsman. He looked forward to deer hunting every fall in his native Minnesota. And he loved riding his motorcycle. 

Ron was told that his high blood sugar could cause nerve and vision damage. It could eventually make it impossible for him to ride his big Honda.  

He got the message loud and clear, one that is trumpeted by both drug companies and mainstream doctors: Use medications to lower your blood sugar to a reading of 7 or below and you can live a longer, healthier life.  

Ron took that message to heart.  

And it killed him. 

The diabetes epidemic in American gets a lot of publicity. It’s has been the subject of countless studies and public health campaigns.  

But what most doctors won’t tell you is that there’s another, hidden epidemic that plagues people with blood sugar issues. It has taken the lives of thousands of people like Ron Carlson.  

In this issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover:  

  • How diabetes drug marketing has led to a deadly epidemic of hypoglycemia.  
  • More diabetics now end up in the hospital with low blood sugar than with high.  
  • The real reason diabetics die. (It’s not high blood sugar.) 

Finally, we’ll tell you how to protect yourself from the lethal danger that took Ron Carlson’s life and those of so many other diabetics.  

In this issue, you’ll also learn:  

  • Why the unvaccinated can expect to catch COVID an average of every 16 months. 
  • Why morning COVID shots may give more protection. 
  • How L-arginine supplements are showing potential as a natural COVID treatment. 
  • Why you should never eat a holiday cake with glittery frosting. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing.  

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