Exposing OTC Painkillers (A New Surprising Study)

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Uncover the latest research how these painkillers:  

  • Disrupt your natural immune response 
  • Can cause alarming side effects  
  • Raise your risk of serious infectious disease 

Plus, discover the natural “rainforest super fruit” that eliminates pain… and more. 

If you frequently turn to over-the-counter (OTC) painkillers to ease your aches and pains… I have some bad news. 

Sure, they are convenient, easy-to-find, and probably give you a temporary relief… (And yes, in some situations, they are necessary.) 

But more often than not, the relief doesn’t last long enough.  

That means you need to keep taking more – and MORE!  

And the more OTC painkillers you take, the greater your risk of developing one of their well-documented side effects like nausea, stomach pain, and even stomach ulcers.  

But those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dangers of regular OTC painkiller use. 

New research has exposed another potential side effect tied to these drugs. And it’s one that’ll have you thinking twice on your next pharmacy run. 

We’ll cover it all in this issue of Independent Healing. Plus, we’ll discuss how a “rainforest super fruit” could be your alternative when it comes to tackling pain.  

Safe, effective and all-natural, it stands in stark contrast to the latest research surrounding some common OTC painkillers. You’ll find all of the details in this latest issue

In this issue, you’ll also discover:   

  • Three simple steps to eliminate deadly mouth bacteria. Easy, at-home ways to transform your oral health.  
  • A “forbidden drink” that boosts brainpower. New research finds it can improve memory. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing. 

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