An Aspirin a Day for Your Pain? Why You Should STOP.

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  • The surprising truth about taking a daily aspirin 
  • How you may be at a higher risk for heart failure 
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Back in 1948, a doctor from California named Dr. Lawrence Craven recommended folks take an aspirin a day to reduce the risk of a heart attack. (This recommendation was based on what he observed with his own patients.)  

Yet here we are – nearly 75 years later – and many doctors continue to hammer us with the idea that taking a daily aspirin can shield you against heart attack or stroke. 

So, it may come as no surprise that nearly 29 MILLION Americans – many of them seniors – take a low dose aspirin every day. 

But here’s the thing: a lot has changed since Dr. Craven’s infamous aspirin-for-your-heart recommendation. 

And, while daily aspirin may be best known for heart health… plenty of NEW research dispels this long-standing recommendation… 

And reveals, in fact, why it may be doing your heart (and body) a lot more harm than good!  

So, if you’re currently taking a daily aspirin for your heart (or have been told you should), you’re going to want to read this latest issue. 

You’ll also discover:   

  • ANOTHER pandemic on the horizon? And the simple diet tweak that can prevent you from falling prey to this growing health crisis! 
  • A “forbidden” herb that BEATS cancer-related pain. How to fight cancer and improve your quality of live without addictive pain killers! 
  • Going under the knife? Consider CBD to help with the pain after surgery.  

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