3 Food Hacks to END Your Gout Pain FOR

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  • How to eliminate gout pain without drugs
  • Why millions aren’t getting the right treatment
  • How to manage gout flareups safely

… and more.

Gout is a painful condition.

But as much as gout can cause you to hobble around, with your foot feeling like it is ON FIRE!

Gout is ultimately treatable, with the RIGHT therapy.

The problem is…

Millions of folks that suffer from gout AREN’T getting the right therapy!

Mainstream medicine is quick to dish out their favorite “gout solution” – a prescription drug.

But these only, at best, treat the symptoms. The key to stopping gout is to attack it at its source.

Which means you need to target URIC ACID.

Because elevated levels of this joint-destroyer are often the main trigger of your gout flare-ups.

Fortunately, we can start with three simple FOOD HACKS that can eliminate unnecessary uric acid and reduce gout… read all about it in this latest issue.

You’ll also discover:

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  • The secret risks of a midday “siesta”. Learn the truth about sleep and your brain.
  • How blurry vision could lead to this deadly disease. And the single best thing you can do for your eye health.

You’ll get all this and more in your new issue of Independent Healing.

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