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Your Five-Minute Secret for a Healthy Heart

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Not long ago we told you that sitting causes major damage to your health. That’s because just two hours of it erases the benefits of 20 minutes of exercise. And it can raise your cancer risk by 10%.

It’s a simple way to sabotage your heart health… Without knowing it.

Now think about how much time you spend off your feet each day…

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Five Reasons to Eat More Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil is one of nature’s most valuable health solutions. But it’s something that the medical community looked down on for years. Some experts even said to stay away from it to help protect your health. Not surprisingly, they were wrong.

And now coconut oil is coming back in a big way.

The problem is that most people still don’t know what it can do for their bodies.

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The Surprising Secret to a Healthier Gut

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We recently told you that antibiotics may raise your risk for colorectal cancer. That’s because they kill the helpful bacteria in your gut.

These “good” bacteria defend against pathogens, fight disease, and help lower inflammation. You don’t want to be without them. And new research shows a surprising way to increase—and diversify—your gut flora.

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