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Is Stevia Bad For You?

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As more and more consumers become aware of the many negative health effects of over-consuming sugar in their diet, the search continues for a good replacement to sweeten foods. While the FDA has insisted that artificial sweeteners like aspartame (brand name Equal) and sucralose (brand name Splenda) are safe, they can cause side effects in many people. Headaches and muscle pain are two of the more common reported side effects, for example.

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Antioxidants – Can You Get Too Many?

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As a result of an increased awareness of the damaging effects of free radicals, everywhere you turn someone has a high antioxidant supplement they want you to buy. They range from supplements containing vitamins C and E and the trace mineral selenium (give or take a few nutrients) to supercharged juices made from exotic berries, like acai berries. The prices are anywhere from about $10.00

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids: The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Health

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There are a lot of relatively small things that can make a huge impact on your health and reduce your overall risk for disease. Things like getting more sunlight… consuming more antioxidants in your diet… or cutting out the sugar and sticking to low-glycemic foods.

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