All Natural Remedy Combats Depression

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Can a safe, all-natural nutrient combat depression as well as – or better than – antidepressants?

As we explained on Tuesday, a Harvard study headed by Dr. Andrew Stoll says the answer is yes. Further research supports his findings. And hundreds of patients are enjoying big gains in mood without drugs or medication.

“Jeremy Benson” (not his real name) of Boston took part in one of those studies.… Read More

Defeat Depression – without Risky Side Effects

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We have some good news for people battling depression. It comes from Dr. Andrew Stoll who has found a new way to combat this disorder without drugs or medication.

Dr. Stoll is the director of Psychopharmacology Research for Harvard Medical School. He’s written many respected peer-reviewed articles on the subject. He also won the prestigious Klerman Research Award for his discovery.… Read More

The Hormone That Fights Fat For You

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Can your own hormones be responsible for all the bad food choices you make? They can according to Dr. Tony Goldstone of Imperial College of London and Hammersmith Hospital.

As we explained in Tuesday’s message, he’s an Oxford-trained scientist who has spent his career studying how hormones effect diet.

His new breakthrough comes from understanding how the hormone ghrelin affects appetite and influences the food choices you make at the dinner table.… Read More

Get Your New Year Off to a Stronger Start

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There’s never a better time to begin healthy new habits than the start of a new year. And there’s no better habit to develop than cutting high fructose corn syrup out of your diet. That’s because it’s been linked to many of the worst modern diseases. But the industry is looking for new ways to ensure it remains part of your daily intake.… Read More

Enlisting Nature's Help to Battle High Blood Pressure

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Can a simple natural remedy really cut your risk of stroke by 34 percent?

A Cambridge-trained scientist says it can. His findings have been reviewed by Harvard Medical School. And they’ve given them the thumbs up.

As we explained on Tuesday, high blood pressure (HBP) is a life-threatening condition for millions of Americans. And the drugs that combat it pose serious side effects of their own.… Read More

Natural Remedy Reduces Stroke Risk by 34 Percent

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There’s good news for people with high blood pressure (HBP). That’s because new research shows that one simple remedy can significantly lower it.

HBP drugs are big business in the medical industry. But they pose risks of their own… everything from minor ailments like heartburn to life-threatening consequences like kidney damage.

That’s why a group of scientists have been looking at what makes these drugs work.… Read More