The antioxidants in foods like berries and red wine may be the natural solution for men who want to reclaim their sex lives, a new study finds.

Simple Secret to Success (in the Bedroom)

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Good news for men over 50: A drop in sexual performance is NOT an inevitable side effect of aging. And new research shows you don’t need a prescription to remain sexually vital…

A recent study reveals berries, citrus fruits, and red wine can give men a bedroom boost.

The study involved more than 25,000 men. It found that eating berries and citrus along with drinking red wine is associated with a 14% reduced risk of embarrassing sexual problems. And combining these healthy foods with exercise results in a 21% lower risk.1

The researchers found the greatest benefit came from anthocyanins. These are a type of antioxidant found in blueberries, cherries, blackberries, and red wine. And you only need a few portions a week to see bedroom benefits.

These compounds work because they improve blood vessel health. Past studies have made a correlation between an antioxidant-rich diet and better blood vessels. Even lower blood pressure.2

Try eating fresh organic berries for breakfast. Have a glass of red wine with dinner. And of course, get regular exercise. Put these strategies together and you could see welcome changes in your love life.

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