The new flu shot for dogs is ineffective and full of side effects.

Big Pharma Pushes Flu Shots—for Dogs

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Big Pharma is at it again…

It wants you to get the flu shot… For your dog. Last year veterinarians identified a new strain of canine flu. Smelling money, the drug industry quickly swung into action. Now it has unleashed a new vaccine.

But don’t be tempted to get the shot for your furry friend. Like the human flu vaccine, it doesn’t work very well. The manufacturers themselves admit as much.

It’s no wonder some veterinarians are so outraged.

They say the shot is risky. And most dogs will never be exposed to the flu virus. If they are, vets note almost all of them will recover just fine without medical intervention. Plus, your dog cannot spread the canine flu to you.1,2,3,4

Big Pharma knows Americans will do almost anything for their beloved pets. In fact, they’re counting on it to reap big bucks. They are even charging more for dog shots than for the human version of the flu vaccine.

The initial dog vaccine shots cost $70. Annual booster shots go for $35. This doesn’t include office visit charges.5

The pill industry already rakes in over $7 billion selling pet drugs. You can expect that number to jump with the introduction of the dog flu shot.

And if that’s not bad enough, here’s another reason you should give Fido a pass on the flu shot. The vaccine can have severe side effects… Including fever, vomiting, diarrhea, respiratory distress, swelling… Even an anaphylactic attack. It would need immediate lifesaving treatment. The vaccines are also associated with chronic ailments such as arthritis.6,7,8

Some vets warn giving dogs too many vaccine shots can actually compromise their immune system. This makes your pet more—not less—susceptible to illnesses.

Instead, boost your dog’s immune system with a few simple tips:9

  • Feed your dog a balanced, species-appropriate diet.
  • Reduce your dog’s toxin exposure. Use natural cleaning products and avoid spraying pesticides in your home.
  • Talk to your vet about adding natural immunity boosters to your dog’s diet. These include turmeric, oregano, and fresh garlic.

Dog flu is rare. But the symptoms are similar to human flu… Cough, runny nose, fatigue, fever, and loss of appetite. If you notice these signs, make sure your dog gets plenty of rest and fluids to help the illness run its course.10


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