Relieve Your Heartburn Without a Dangerous Prescription

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In your February issue of Independent Healing, we reveal what Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know about their bestselling acid reflux drugs… And how you can get REAL heartburn relief without a prescription. You’ll discover why the drugs your doctor says will fix your problem will only make symptoms worse than ever. And the 30-second quiz that reveals if you really have acid reflux. We’ll also show you the seven steps for eliminating heartburn naturally… And how to keep it from coming back. Like how doing this simple 15-minute activity after dinner could be the difference between restful sleep… And up-all-night pain. You’ll also find out how this weird therapy helped restore a broken military hero—and how it can boost your health… Six natural ways men can boost their testosterone production at any age… And the gross test that may one day reveal Alzheimer’s disease in its earliest stages. We also speak with one the top chiropractors in the U.S., Dr. Robert G. Silverman. He’ll reveal why doctors have pain treatment all wrong… And the cutting-edge treatment that heals tissue damage even surgery can’t.

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