Keeping one of these in your kitchen may make you weigh 13 pounds lighter. Discover what it is—and two easy tricks for dropping even more weight.

Want to Lose 13 Pounds? Keep One of These in Your Kitchen

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Cornell University researchers have discovered what could be the world’s simplest way to lose weight.

They studied the kitchens of hundreds of American homes, analyzing food items kept on the counter. Then they correlated the items with the body weight of the occupants.

They found that one object on the kitchen counter has a surprisingly powerful effect on weight. It turns out that women who keep a fruit bowl on the counter weigh on average 13 pounds less than those who don’t.1

On the flip side, women who keep soda or breakfast cereals on the counter weigh 20 to 26 pounds more than the average.

Researchers chalk up the results to the “See-food Diet.” Whatever you see, you eat. That’s why they recommend keeping healthy foods in plain view. Guilty pleasures should stay of sight. Keep them in drawers or cupboards.

Other research has found that eating a bit of fruit before meals leads to weight loss:

  • Eating half a grapefruit before meals, and not changing any other eating habits, allowed subjects to lose 3½ pounds over 12 weeks. The study of 91 overweight people found that participants also had lower blood sugar and blood insulin levels. 2,3
  • Eating an apple before meals can have a dramatic impact on weight loss, according to a Brazilian study. Scientists found that women who ate medium size apples before meals lost 33% more weight than those who didn’t. That’s on top of apples’ ability to reduce your cancer risk, keep your heart healthy, make your teeth whiter, and boost your immune system.4

Keeping healthy foods on your kitchen counter may help encourage better eating habits. This also makes it easier to eat small servings of fruit before lunch or dinner. But there are other easy ways to be thinner without going hungry…

Like the secret “switch” you can flip that tells your body to burn fat instead of store it… The little-known chemical one doctor says makes your body demand unhealthy high-calorie foods… And how to shed pounds of body fat—without cutting back on the foods you love.

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