Cancer Doctors Vanishing Throughout U.S.

Cancer Doctors Vanishing Throughout U.S.

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Operating just outside the circle of the mainstream, a small group of doctors were quietly discovering cancer breakthroughs.

…An oncologist uncovered a way to naturally turn off cancer-causing genes.

…In a two-year study, a small group of pancreatic cancer patients saw up to a 1,100% boost in survival rate on one physician’s protocol.

…Another doctor’s treatment kills breast cancer cells in only 3 days.

But once news about these therapies finally started getting some attention, something happened.

These doctors died under mysterious circumstances. But they weren’t the only ones. All told, 15 natural health doctors died or vanished within a recent four-month period.

A shocking new video reveals the details of a months-long investigation into this string of suspicious deaths and disappearances.  It uncovered a few surprising ties between the cases:

  • They all were natural doctors.
  • Most practiced in the state of Florida.
  • And some had encountered the feds.

In fact, one doctor’s office was raided by the FBI just 3 days before his death. And a certain “smoking gun” government document shows what the agents were really after. The cause seemed to be related to the scientific research this doctor was doing. He was studying the remarkable effectiveness of a breakthrough cancer treatment—one that could possibly cost the drug industry billions of dollars if it came into public view.

But that’s not all. This video reveals something else…something even more important.

It blows the lid off the groundbreaking cancer research these doctors were actually doing…It gives details on the natural cancer remedies that offer a real alternative to chemo, radiation, and surgery. Treatments that pose a threat to the $1.2 trillion-dollar pharmaceutical industry.

The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Anticancer Research, The National Cancer Institute…all have published findings that support these natural therapies. In fact, hundreds of scientific papers in credible journals give evidence of their cancer-killing potential. Yet none of them reached the mainstream media.

This special presentation discloses all the details on these censored therapies and their proven track record of healing. (They are unconventional and some even controversial, but all are shown to work.)

A British writer, Jen, turned to one of these treatments when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She reported, “My cancer specialist is amazed at my recovery.”

While the video was intended for a private audience only, original viewers leaked it out and now thousands view it every day.

We’ve re-posted the video to a private website. You can access it HERE.

Cancer Doctors Vanishing Throughout U.S.

In this short presentation, you’ll also hear about:

  • The “Apricot Extract” formula…proven to stop tumor growth by scientists at the world’s top cancer hospital Sloan-Kettering, but BURIED. The board was staffed by execs from drug and chemical companies.Coincidence?
  • The maverick oncologist who was supposed to accept chemo and radiation as end-all solutions…collect his paycheck…and shut up. Instead, he found a way to fight cancer with common household items. And he was trying to get the word out. Did it get him killed?
  • The FDA approved test that detects cancer up to 19 months sooner than anything else, with up to 99% accuracy…that your doctor won’t tell you about. (And why.)

For all these details, and more, go HERE now.