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Look at Your Face for This Sign You’re Headed for a Heart Attack

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Being overweight… 

A bad diet… 

Lack of exercise… 

A family history of heart disease… 

Everybody knows these are signs that a heart attack could be in your future. 

But researchers found there’s a major risk factor that you can see by looking in the mirror. 

It raises your chances of a heart attack by nearly 1,000%. 

Your Heart Health Is Written on Your Face 

Forehead wrinkles may be the last thing you’d associate with heart disease.Read More

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Salt Dangers Are Overblown, Study Finds 

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, General Health by INH Research


For years, mainstream doctors have been telling us we need to cut down on salt. They say it’s bad for your heart because it raises your blood pressure. 

The average American gets about 3.4 grams of salt a day. But the World Health Organization says we should get no more than 2 grams The American Heart Association limit is even lower at 1.5 grams.Read More

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10 Best Healthy Halloween Treats 

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Who wants to deny the kids a sweet treat on Halloween? If it’s just once a year, can a sugar splurge be so bad?  

The problem is that Halloween has evolved far beyond a one-day candy-fest. 

The average American now eats 3 1/2 pounds of sweets during the increasingly lengthy Halloween season. The average trick-or-treater totes home more than 21 ounces of pure sugar.Read More

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The Simple Solution to Regaining Your Mental Sharpness 

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Was it hard to concentrate during that important work meeting? 

Maybe the crossword puzzle was more difficult than usual? 

Or perhaps you had a hard time remembering what you were supposed to buy at the grocery store. 

You may think these common mental lapses are a normal part of getting older. But a study shows that there is often a simple solution that can restore your cognitive sharpness.Read More

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Put Menopause on Hold by Eating This 

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, Women's Health by INH Research


The hot flashes…  

The mood swings…  

The insomnia…  

Menopause can be miserable. 

But it turns out there is a way to delay the “change of life” for years. And you can do it naturally, without hormone treatments or drugs, a major study finds.  

Researchers at the University of Leeds compiled data on 14,000 women. They were part of a multi-decade ongoing national health study in England.Read More

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This Diet Improves Your Memory While Helping You Lose Weight 

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, Weight Loss by INH Research

Low-carb diets have become wildly popular in recent years—for good reason. 

Studies show that they help people lose weight better than traditional low-fat diets. And low-carb dieters are better able to keep off the weight over the long-term.  

A low-carb diet also helps reduce belly fat, lower blood sugar, and improves cholesterol better than other types of diets.i 

Now, researchers have found that low-carb eating has another benefit you might not expect.Read More