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Why Seniors Often Come Out of the Hospital in Worse Shape than When They Went In

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You go into the hospital for one reason… 

To get better.  

But an alarming study shows that many seniors are coming out in worse shape than when they went in. 

The reason? 

Doctors are sending them home with an overdose of blood pressure medications. 

A University of California study revealed this troubling trend.i 

Researchers looked at the records of almost 15,000 patients admitted to a Veteran’s Affairs hospital.Read More

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Just Say No to Hospital Saline Solution

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Look into the rooms of just about any hospital and you’ll see the same thing…patient after patient with bags of intravenous fluids hanging above them.  

IV fluids are among the most common medical interventions worldwide.  

Several kinds are available. But one call “normal saline” has long been the most popular. It has been part of standard hospital treatment for 150 years.Read More

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It Can Kill You in 24 Hours

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There is one condition that kills so quickly, you can be dead within 24 hours if you ignore the symptoms.

It takes 270,000 American lives a year. That’s more than breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s combined.

Despite the massive death toll it causes, half of Americans have never even heard of sepsis.[1] [2] [3]

It occurs when the body has an extreme response to an infection.… Read More