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Run Away from Aging

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Breaking news about aging: Researchers are convinced they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. They believe one simple lifestyle change can alter the way you age.

Their brand new findings suggest that the change doesn’t just slow the aging process… it makes you stronger for longer. It also increases your sex drive. Plus, the findings show you can reverse the aging process.… Read More

Prostate Cancer May Have Met Its Match!

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Can a spice in your kitchen cabinet prevent prostate cancer? One doctor says it can prevent and treat cancer. Many others agree with him.

As we explained on Tuesday, Dr. Ah-Ng Tony Kong’s study used a common spice to stop the growth of cancerous tumors. Dr. Kong’s research showed that the secret spice “significantly retarded” growth of cancerous tumors. Many others studies concur.… Read More

The Killer Disguised as "Caramel Coloring"

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Soft drink manufacturers like Coca Cola and PepsiCo spend billions to entice you to buy their products. But what they don’t tell you in those slick, thirst-inducing ads is that sugary soft drinks have been linked to cancer.

So instead of opening “happiness,” as Coca Cola suggests in a recent slogan, you might actually be poisoning your body. That’s right… Coke and Pepsi might be killing you.… Read More

An Old Spice Combats Prostate Cancer

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There’s a new secret weapon in the war against prostate cancer. Here’s a hint – you may find it in your kitchen. Wait! Don’t dig through your cabinets yet…

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men. Advanced prostate cancer cells are barely responsive to chemotherapy. Surgery or chemo can be damaging – depression, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction… Fortunately, there’s new hope.… Read More

Sweet on Honey? It May Be the Easiest Way to Lower Your Cholesterol

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Is it possible to improve your heart health just by eating honey?

Dr. Noori S. Al-Waili says it is. And he’s published proof to back it up.

As we explained in Tuesday’s message, he’s conducted a study that shows people who drink a honey solution lower their “bad” cholesterol by over 10 percent. It also lowers their C-reactive protein (CRP) levels by a whopping 57 percent.… Read More