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The Secret of People Who Are Doing Great During the Pandemic

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It’s entirely reasonable during the coronavirus crisis to feel stressed, anxious, lonely, and depressed. Yet, despite the circumstances, some people are doing just fine.

They are able to go about their lives and be happy, feeling gratitude for what they have, love for others, and joy in the small things.

How do they do it?

University of North Carolina scientists set out to find the secret of people who have been able to adjust to the pandemic.… Read More

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The Natural Solution for Depression

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Depression can be among the most difficult illnesses to treat.

The first-line medications are drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac, Zoloft, and Lexapro. They are supposed to lift mood by increasing levels of serotonin, the “feel-good” compound, in the brain.

But SSRIs can take months to work, if they work at all. Or patients may have to spend years switching from one drug to another, trying to find the one that is effective for them.… Read More

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The Simple Remedy for Pandemic Stress

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A third of Americans are showing signs of clinical anxiety or depression.

That’s the grim finding of a new Census Bureau survey that shows the alarming psychological toll of the coronavirus pandemic.[i]

The survey asked questions used to screen patients for mental health problems. Twenty-four percent of people showed symptoms of major depression. Thirty percent showed symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder.… Read More

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Scientists Discover Simple Trick to Boost Your Mood

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When we feel down in the dumps, most of us don’t want to do much of anything. Our first inclination is to just chill, maybe sit on the couch and watch some Netflix.

A new study shows that’s exactly the wrong strategy.

Research published in the Journal of Preventive Medicine found two seemingly opposite things that can help you break out of a bad mood: sleep and physical activity.… Read More

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Coronavirus: Seniors Are Showing Odd Symptoms

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By now most of us know the main symptoms of COVID-19: a fever, cough, and shortness of breath. 

But doctors are noticing something strange in older coronavirus patients. They may have none of these signs. 

Instead, some show an entirely different range of symptoms.[1]

Doctors have found that older coronavirus patients may just feel “off” at first. Their behavior may change.… Read More

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The Antidote to Coronavirus Sadness

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It’s easy to be depressed about our coronavirus-infested world. 

Many of us have lost our jobs. We’ve seen our investments tank. We wake up each morning fearing that this will be the day that we or someone we care about will get sick. 

It’s natural to be sad. But new research shows there’s something you can do about it.

The study was published in the journal Health Psychology.… Read More