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5 Ways Your Dog Improves Your Health

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Dogs are America’s new children. 

Before you dismiss this statement as an exaggeration, consider this: America’s birth rate is now at a 32-year low. Dog ownership is at an all-time high.

There are now more dogs in the U.S. (90 million) than children (74 million). 

One of the reasons we love dogs so much is that they make us feel better.

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Hand Sanitizer Doesn’t Work Against the Flu

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With cold and flu season starting, you can be sure that you’ll be given this advice: The best defense is washing your hands. 

That’s because you typically get infected with viruses by touching a germy surface. Then, when you touch your face, the virus enters your body through the eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. You likely touch your face a lot more than you think.

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The Surprising Cause of Your Allergies

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More people have allergies than ever before.

More people are taking heartburn drugs than ever before.[1]

A new study shows it’s not a coincidence. 

Researchers from Austria’s Medical University of Vienna looked at health insurance data from more than 8 million people.

They found that patients who took stomach-acid inhibitors had a surge in anti-allergy prescriptions. They were twice as likely to need allergy medication.

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What You Don’t Know About Generic Drugs CAN Hurt You

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Doctors and pharmacists often portray generic drugs as a great deal. They say that you’re getting the same medicine as the brand-name products, but far cheaper.

The FDA is on board, too.

Even though almost all generic drugs are made in India and China, the agency says it holds foreign plants to the same standards as U.S. drug makers.

Katherine Eban says that’s simply not true.

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Common Food Additive Stops the Flu Shot From Working

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Some people seem impervious to the flu. They never get it, even if they don’t get the flu shot.

For others, it’s the opposite. They get the flu despite getting the vaccine.

For years, this variability has been blamed on the unreliability of the flu shot. But a new study shows that another factor may be in play.

It found that a common food additive may stop the flu shot from working.

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7 Things You Should Throw Away Immediately

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“Waste not, want not” are wise words…but there are times when you shouldn’t follow them.  

If you hang on to certain items for too long, they can harm your health.

Here are seven things that you should toss before they hurt you:

1. Old sneakers. Paul Langer is a podiatrist and a clinical professor at the University of Minnesota. He points out that the cushioning on athletic shoes deteriorates quickly.

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